The 100 Seasons -7 

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The 100 Seasons -7

The 100′ is one of The CW’s most successful shows, and for a good reason. With many female characters and a great representation of the LGBT community, this show became one of the most attractive shows amongst the youngsters and adults. Over the past six seasons, there have been some complaints from viewers, especially when some of their favorite characters get killed off.

The 100 Seasons -7
The 100 Seasons -7

But every time the show manages to bounce back with a bang. Either with a brand new storyline or a high character arc, or even a brilliant performance by one of the stars. It is no surprise that the show has inspired the network to greenlight a seventh season. 

Release date

‘The 100’ was renewed by The CW for season seven even as season six was airing, and no official premiere date has been announced. However, we do know that the season premieres usually happen within the first quarter of every year, leading us to trust that we can expect season seven to land in or before April 2020. 


‘The 100’ began 500 years after a nuclear apocalypse. The story kicked off in a space station looking for any signs that earth has become habitable. And, to find out if it is in fact, habitable, those in charge send 100 juvenile delinquents to earth. It turns out, it is livable, but they need to fight for survival at every turn.

There are Grounder tribes who have wars within themselves, who have brutal rules of their own, and are not all that welcoming to outsiders – especially those who have come from outer space. The enemies continue to multiply when they meet the Mountain Men, and with each passing seasons, new threats arise, including yet another apocalypse and the deaths of loved ones.

In the ongoing season six, we see our protagonists – who are no longer just the Skaicru – waking up from a 100-year cryogenic nap docking on a brand new world. The tribulations in that world are entirely new, especially since the colonizers of that world have their own set of rules, some of which are inhumane. 

So guys, have some patience for your favorite series to come on air.

 Happy watching to you all.

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