The 10 most expensive soccer stars in the middle of the coronavirus and how they reduced their value due to the pandemic

Barcelona's Argentine forward Lionel Messi .EFE / Quique García / Archive
Barcelona's Argentine forward Lionel Messi .EFE / Quique García / Archive

Soccer in Europe is managing to resume its activity after months of absence. Is that with the advance of the pandemic of coronavirus, which hit the continent with force, making countries like Italy and Spain the epicenter of circulation of the virus, the ball stopped rolling from March until a few weeks ago with the German Bundesliga.

Now, in expectation of the return of football in The league and the A series Italian, added to the return of the competition of the Premier League for the end of this season, the value of player passes were affected because of the pandemic. The economic blow suffered by the institutions due to the suspension of the discipline will affect the next transfer market and the valuation of the most important assets that the clubs have.

So the British newspaper The Sun organized a list of the 10 most expensive soccer stars on stage left by the coronavirus pandemic and how its market price was reduced due to the negative impact it generated. Despite what happened with the suspension of Ligue 1, the highest football competition in France, Kylian Mbappé continues to be the footballer with the greatest sales power.

The pass of the star striker of Paris Saint Germain is valued at 177 million euros post pandemic reason why its contribution suffered a drop of almost 50 million due to the cancellation of the season in French territory. The same thing happened with his teammate, the Brazilian Neymar Jr: The former Barcelona had a sales power of 175 million in the pre-coronavirus and now its estimated valuation would suffer a cut of 40 million euros.

Mbappé and Neymar are the two most expensive footballers on the market in Europe (REUTERS / Benoit Tessier)
Mbappé and Neymar are the two most expensive footballers on the market in Europe (REUTERS / Benoit Tessier)

The last place on the podium is for another star attacker. Rasheed Sterling, key in the Manchester City of Pep Guardiola, is priced at almost 135 million euros post pandemic, whereas before its estimated value was 150,000,000.

Lionel Messi was left out of the top 3 of the most highly valued footballers in the market of the most important football in the world. The health crisis that Spain suffered directly affected FC Barcelona, ​​which added to the age of the team captain – the Argentine will turn 33 on June 24 – caused him to drop from second to fourth place on this list drawn up by the English media.

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Before the pandemic, Messi's price was 175 million euros. Once Europe went through the most complicated stage of the virus's spread, the valuation of the Argentine star fell to 135 million, a loss of 40,000,000, or 23 percent. The fifth place in the table is occupied by another great striker who plays for one of the teams from the moment until the stoppage: Mohamed Salah, from Liverpool, today has a price of close to 132 million euros.

The other five places on the grid are occupied by Jadon Sancho, from Borussia Dortmund, wanted by several of the world's great clubs for the 2020-2021 season. Sadio Mane, another attacker from the Jürgen Klopp team, was in seventh place. In position 8 is Kevin De Bruyne, from City, while the table of the 10 most expensive players is closed by two other players who play in the English Premier League: Harry kane, from Tottenham, and Marcus Rashford, the figure of Manchester United and the England team.

To the surprise of many, Cristiano Ronaldo, key to the success of Italian Juventus, is not among the most valued players for the market.

Raheem Sterling of Manchester City is one of the most expensive attackers in the world
Raheem Sterling of Manchester City is one of the most expensive attackers in the world

The list of the most expensive players in Europe after the pandemic

Kylian Mbappé – PSG – € 177 million

Neymar Jr – PSG – € 137m

Rasheed Sterling – Manchester City – € 135m

Lionel Messi – FC Barcelona – 135 million euros

Mohamed Salah – Liverpool – 132 million euros

Jadon Sancho – BVB – 127 million euros

Sadio Mane – Liverpool – € 123m

Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City – € 123m

Harry Kane – Tottenham – € 116m

Marcus Rashford – Manchester United – € 101m


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