Taiki Waititi Confirmed for Star Wars Direction

Taiki Waititi Confirmed for Star Wars Direction

The Great news about the Marvel and Star Wars fans, because Taiki Waititi, who is famous for his character writing in Superhero Films. Taika is back with direction and writing in Star Wars. Star Wars Franchise has confirmed the news of Waititi’s return. He is the Oscar-Winning Director, and he is from New Zealand.

In 2020, Oscar Award Ceremony won the Best Adapted Screenplay award for Jojo Rabbit. In the past, he was connected with the Marvel Cinematic Unit as a director. Thor: Ragnarok is directed by him. He gives the voice of the character named Korg. It is for the Stone Creature Film.

Star Wars have confirmed the news about the Waititi. It will be the untitled film of the Marvel Unit. Star Wars tweeted on their official account, They Tweet that Academy Award winner Taika Waititi to direct and co-write the Star Wars Theatrical feature film. Along with Side Waititi, Krysty Wilson Cairns will co-write the film.

Taiki’s and Star Wars fans are eagerly waiting for the next movie announcement. Fans are expecting the same Taiki who gives the Essence of the Comedy without changing much in the Star Wars theme. Taiki is famous for his comic scene creation, in Thor Ragnarok, he has added that kind of comic scene which is actually relatable to the film theme and people enjoyed that scene. Taiki often added this kind of Comic scene to make the movie better.

Let’s check out the upcoming project of Star Wars. We have talked about the Taiki Waititi’s direction in Star Wars Movie. The title of that movie is yet too declared. One untitled series was announced, it will be based on Obi-Wen Kenobi. Disney Plus has confirmed that mini-series. Lesly Headland has been confirmed the series with Female Lead Character which is based on Russian Doll. The Mandalorian season 2 is confirmed to release on Disney Plus.

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