My Hero Academia 5: Hawks is in trend, the web is moved by its past

Finally the fifth season of the animated My Hero Academia has come alive. The second episode takes viewers to venture into the past of Hawks, the Wing Hero who collaborated with Endeavor to take down the powerful High End Nomu.

Following last week’s record-breaking premiere, the second episode focuses on Hawks, which was presented in a rather mysterious way at the end of the previous animated season.

Episode 90 picks up exactly from the end of the clash between the two Heroes and the aberrant creation of the Villain Union, offering fans a glimpse into Hawks’ life. During the battle debrief, hero number two claims to stay working undercover within the criminal group to find out their goal and the truth about the Nomu. But how did he become an undercover agent?

As a child, Hawks had an innate talent for saving people, a natural gift that led him to attract government attention. One day, while playing with the Endeavor puppet, his favorite hero, Hawks was approached by a government agent, who proposed to his family to make him a professional hero by offering livelihoods in exchange.

So, unlike the Pro Heroes known so far, or the aspiring heroes of the Yuei, Hawks is like one instrument in the hands of the government. This is why such a complex mission, and which requires the utmost trust, has been entrusted to him.

His sad past, as well as his look and his carefree character, has consecrated the character among the community, which on social media does nothing but talk about him. But the second episode also brought us to the first fight of a great heroine of My Hero Academia.

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