Surge in global casino gambling is on the cards

The casino gaming industry is set to hit the jackpot, according to a new market study that forecasts global growth will reach a staggering US$153.2 billion by 2026.

A report from Global Industry Analysts revealed that the global market is poised to dramatically improve, with fans of casino games expected to favor the digital age by playing online. There were 151 major players in the global casino gaming industry who were part of the survey. 

Since the COVID-19 crisis, when the global market for the casino industry was US$123.4 billion in 2020, the survey projects growth at a CAGR of 3.7% by 2026.

The US market remains at the forefront of the casino business, with Las Vegas a key attraction for casino players from around the world. While Canada, Europe and the rising popularity of Asia-Pacific casino destinations of Macau and Singapore represent the predicted global growth in casino gaming.

With just under 900 casinos throughout 38 states in the US, the Las Vegas Valley boasts the largest concentration of casinos in the country. Atlantic City in New Jersey lies second in the US in terms of revenue.

The resort town of Atlantic City, which is synonymous with casinos, has added millions in terms of revenue for the state of New Jersey with blackjack and slot machines proving hugely popular.

World-class casinos in the state of New Jersey include Bally’s Hotel & Casino, Borgata Hotel Casino, Caesars, Claridge – The Radisson Hotel, Golden Nugget Casino Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Harrah’s Resort & Casino, Hotel Resorts Casino, Ocean Casino Resort and Tropicana Casino.

There remain enough tourists willing to sit and gamble their money away in New Jersey, with the entertainment district full of foot traffic. Yet casinos are experiencing a boom post-COVID-19 thanks to the state’s burgeoning premier online casino market.

New Jersey became one of the first states in the US that took action to legalize and bring in online gambling. This opened the door for some of the world’s most prominent online casino brands like 888casino, Unibet and Golden Nugget to enter the NJ online casinos space.

World of entertainment at your fingertips

The ability to play anywhere is highly appealing, and extremely profitable for the industry. Technological developments are helping to transform online gambling and casino platforms, as casino operators seek to significantly generate more revenue by improving customer experience.

Advances in mobile technology, which boasts a plethora of gambling apps, is driving the rise in popularity of online casinos. By offering artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) creates realistic and rich interfaces. As a result, these online casinos are now constantly attracting professional gamblers. 

Immersive way to play classic casino table games

Technology innovations have seen a surge of investments into AI, AR and VR as well as robotics. Some casinos in Las Vegas are utilizing robots to enhance customer experience with casino hotels featuring check-in kiosks, iPads and small robots.

The survey highlights that such high spending levels within the casino industry will ultimately result in casino operators introducing new gambling products and services to the growing market.

Aside from the popular money-makers offered in casinos – such as Bingo, Slot Machines, Table Games, Video Poker and Wheel of Fortune – the growing role of internet and mobile technologies will play an increasing role in making the gambling world more attractive.

Industry-wide adoption of modern technology

There are numerous opportunities to transform the online gambling industry as technology continues to advance. Online US casinos are cashing in by featuring the latest technologies and games.

Although technology has yet to reach its peak, the continuous decrease in costs means that the future looks promising for such offerings as gamification as well as live and interactive gaming. 

The survey predicts that blockchain and cryptocurrency will bring in cashless transactions, while  smartwatches for placing bets are designed to improve the future of the gaming experience. 

The move to mobile gambling

The future of mobile is wearable technology, which has potential to impact the way people play casino games.

Online casinos are ramping up efforts to optimize their mobile offering to meet the increasing demand from players to access all types of casino games that deliver the best gambling experience.

As technology develops further, online casinos will offer players the feel of the real world. Although this poses a threat to the existence of visiting those brick-and-mortar casinos, overall it adds to the excitement for both new and experienced casino players within the highly profitable booming market.

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