So we can make an appointment in a Spanish Apple Store with a sign interpreter

Apple’s approach to accessibility goes far beyond simple marketing. In each version of the operating system we see improvements and new functions so that people with certain disabilities can continue to use and enjoy the devices. An ease and accessibility that it is also present in the company’s stores where we can request the services of an interpreter completely free of charge.

Accessibility as a basic service

On the website of the 11 Apple Store in Spain we find a text letting us know that we can arrange a sign language interpreter. A service that the company offers completely free of charge for those who request it. This interpreter, as far as we know, is available at any time within the store’s business hours.

Since the end of February 2021, Apple offers this service in several countries around the world: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. These have been joined by Spain completing and carrying accessibility in the shopping or service experience one step further.

This service is available both for visits in which the objective is to buy a product and for those in which the person you need technical assistance with any of your devices. Some Today at Apple sessions, although now on hiatus, also have this service.

To request the service we can write an email directly to the store in question, the only thing that we are asked to do is do it with certain advance, to ensure its availability.

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It is clear that for Apple accessibility is a basic and fundamental right for all customers, both present and potential. We see it in the software, we see it in the hardware, and we see it in the company stores as well, no doubt great news.

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