Super Metroid turns 27 and generates a wave of nostalgia

It has been 27 years since the moment he came into our lives nothing less than Super Metroid, the installment of the saga that landed on Super Nintendo and that was one of the most spectacular technical advances in the history not only of Nintendo but in this industry. And the fans have forgotten it, neither the plot, nor the matroids, nor the primitive and shocking screen twists, which represented a beastly evolution in technology, as echoed in Comicbook.

There are many who wish you a happy birthday through social networks.

Look this guy calls it a GOAT, which is not a translation of “goat”, but Game Of All Times (the best game ever).

He started the last Metroid saga that would be developed in 2D if we do not have the subsequent reissues, since Nintendo 64 did not have any episode of the saga, and in Gamecube, we jump straight to the beastly Prime saga.

Speaking of which, we recently told you that Metroid Prime will have a 2D version that has been in development for years. Players of the Gamecube title will not be able to deny that respect is very high for the original piece, the first 3D game in the saga that became a sub-saga in itself before the arrival of the sequel and a third part which debuted on Wii as the most anticipated shooter on the console, rivaling even Halo and standing up to it commendably.

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