Black Clover 289 spoiler: a demonic twist and the return of two characters

The Kingdom of Swords has become the battleground of one of the clashes that will decide the fate of humanity. All the strongest fighters seem to have gathered in the main castle and the protagonist of certainly could not miss the appeal Black Clover.

Asta went wild in the last chapter of the manga, showing what a knight with anti-magic is capable of. Together with Liebe, he is facing the two twin demons Naamah and Lilith, the first to have emerged from the other world thanks to the ritual. With the final blow, Asta cut Naamah in half; thing will happen now in Black Clover 289? Spoilers reveal it to us.

The Chapter 289 of Black Clover is titled “Frosty Sun” and some pictures can be seen in the tweets below. Naamah is dying or dead, but Lilith absorbs him and transforms into a new being capable of controlling both ice and fire. Using this new power, the devil launches an attack called the Frosty Sun, a huge sphere of ice and fire that is hurled towards Asta.

However the Black Clover protagonist responds by making his sword huge and manages to repel the attack back on the last page. Still in the last cartoons, two characters well known by readers appear: Magna and Zora, returned to center stage.

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