Super Mario 3D All Stars conquers the public: immediately at the top on Amazon

Just days after the announcement of Super Mario 3D All Stars, the collection quickly leaps to the top of the sales charts in several countries around the world.

To offer a first taste of the welcome reserved by the videogame community to the Nintendo initiative is Amazon. The e-commerce giant has in fact updated the rankings of sales recorded through its portal, revealing a broad and generalized interest in the title. In the product category of gaming, Super Mario 3D All Stars it currently leads in several areas of the world.

As highlighted by the well-known analyst Benji Sales, in particular, the collection dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Italian plumber seems to have conquered the players residing in the United States of America, in Great Britain and in Japan. A result achieved in a very short time and which seems to herald a good success for the re-edition of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine e Super Mario Galaxy. The choice of Nintendo to make the game available could also have contributed to incentivizing the first sales Nintendo Switch For a limited period of time.

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The three 3D adventures of Super Mario will arrive on the console in an optimized version and with a better resolution: following the reveal, the Kyoto House has released new trailers of Super Mario 3D All Stars.


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