Intel announces its new processors using a MacBook Pro that doesn’t use them

Following the attacks on Macs with Apple silicon in the “Go PC” campaign, Intel’s marketing department has decided to use a MacBook Pro to present “the best processor in the world in a thin and light notebook.” An ironic and curious mistake, especially if we consider that this generation of Intel chips has never reached the MacBook Pro.

A most fun and suggestive mistake

Discovered by iThinkDifferent, on a user’s Reddit is Intel’s new ad praising the 11th Gen Intel Core i7 Tiger Lake. The truth is that using a Mac in your advertising images after the “Go PC” campaign did not seem like a possibility, and yet someone in Intel’s marketing department had to overlook this detail.

Seeing the original image on it is clear that the lack of the apple logo on the back of the computer has influenced the use of this image for the ad, although a little zoom clearly shows us the Touch Bar feature of the MacBook Pro. Some MacBook Pro that, however, they have never seen the 11th gen i7As the last laptops with Intel processors before the arrival of the M1 Macs are the 13-inch MacBook Pro with 11th generation processors and the 16-inch with a 9th generation processor.

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Nothing more? Well, since we laugh for a little while we must say that the protagonist of the image is wearing a Beats Studio. Some headphones that, although they do not have the logo, have a clearly recognizable form factor.

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We will see if the new CEO of Intel, Pat Gelsinger, will also think that these errors are “competitive fun” like the ads of the “Go PC” campaign, in fact we do not know if this situation has been intentional, although everything seems to indicate that it has not been so. In any case, it is a most curious advertisement in several ways.

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