Super Dragon Ball Heroes: why did an old antagonist side with Goku?

As usual, Super Dragon Ball Heroes he does not get lost in small talk. The new narrative arc, in fact, started immediately with a bang, leading Goku, awakened in the pseudo universe created by the mad scientist Fu, to clash with different antagonists. At his side, however, an old enemy of his has lined up to great surprise.

The Space-Time War Arc will take viewers to find some of the gods more iconic characters taken from the various animated series of the franchise, as well as unpublished enemies taken from the arcade video game of the same name. The first to appear were Freeza and his brother Coola, who teamed up to battle their eternal enemy.

To give support to Goku, who finds himself alone and lost in the new universe, there is an absolutely unsuspected character, Hearts, one of the enemies of the previous saga. Hearts is one of the most interesting antagonists in Dragon Ball Heroes: he has no evil purpose, he just wants to use his power to free mortals from the control of the gods. His plan, however, was thwarted by Gogeta.

But why then has he now sided with Goku? The reasons behind this sudden and unprecedented team they are still unknown. Hearts probably seeks revenge on Fu, who had previously manipulated him. However, the alliance between Goku and Hearts could end very soon, resulting in a spectacular new encounter.

What do you think, the two will be able to support each other, sanctioning one definitive alliance, or will they end up colliding? We uncover the mysteries of the new Super Dragon Ball Heroes saga in the biography of six new fighters. The Dark Dragon Balls are back in the new Super Dragon Ball Heroes saga.

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