Kimetsu no Yaiba: 10 anime characters who can defeat Muzan

It shows that Muzan Kibutsuji is a terribly strong demon (the first of its kind) in the universe Kimetsu no Yaiba. Even though fans could barely get a glimpse of his powers in season one, it was enough to establish that he is the main villain of the game. anime.

Of course, outside of his universe, there are characters that are much stronger than him and can easily erase him in a matter of seconds. Muzan would have a hard time trying to stay alive if he fought these opponents on his own turf. Following, The Truth News It shares 10 candidates with you.

  • 10 – Azazel: Rage Of Bahamut
  • 9 – Krul: Seraph Of The End
  • 8 – Mountain Cats: Gatchaman Crowds
  • 7 – Lucifer: Hataraku Maō -sama!
  • 6 – Saber: Fate Stay Night

5 –Tatsumaki de One Punch Man

Tatsumaki is One Punch Man’s No. 2 S-Class hero

Tatsumaki is an Esper overly powerful and an S-class hero, the highest rank of all superheroes in the universe One Punch Man. Even if Muzan combined all the powers he possessed, he would be no match for Tatsumaki’s psychokinetic output, seeing how he can lift Z-City without putting himself in danger.

His telekinesis powers allow him to fight demon-level opponents, hurling mountain-sized rocks at excessive speeds. Not to mention how her psychic barriers would be nearly impossible for Muzan to penetrate.

4 – Korosensei de Assassination Classroom

Korosensei can only be defeated with a special item

Even if the body of Korosensei If it were destructible, Muzan would have to catch it first, which would be impossible, seeing as the creature travels at Mach 20. It also possesses inhumanly fast reflexes and strength, giving it an advantage against the Demon Slayer villain.

Even if Muzan somehow manages to catch him, Korosensei could easily shed his skin or turn into a liquid goo and break free from his opponent’s grip. His trump card would be to shrink to the size of a small ball within an indestructible shell for an entire day, during which time could survive an atomic attack.

3 –Yato del anime Noragami

Yato is a God of Calamity skilled in combat

It is God of Calamity He has a bloody past in which he killed supernatural and divine beings indiscriminately with no one strong enough to fight him. As he is also the god of war, he is excellent with his sword, Yukine, which has divine powers of its own.

Not to mention that Yato is almost immortal. The only thing that can kill him is another God or Yukine’s corruption, leading to Yato’s ruin. So Muzan could be in serious trouble against a god who is tied to war.

2 – Rin de Blue Exorcist

Rin de Blue Exorcist Not only is he a good swordsman, he is also an exorcist and has excellent regenerative properties. He can easily use his satanic blue flames to burn Muzan, who would be defenseless against them as there is no canon reversal or cure for those flames.

In some anime-only episodes, Rin and Yukio combined were able to defeat the King of the Underworld, Satan himself (his father), and although Rin alone may not be strong enough to accomplish such a feat, there is no denying that he could easily kill Muzan.

1 –Zaiki vencería a Muzan de Kimetsu no Yaiba

Saiki is the most powerful being in his anime

Telekinesis, alteration of human DNA, mind control, curses, erasure of memories – these powers don’t even scratch the surface of everything this young man is capable of. Despite being a character from a parody anime, he is actually one of the most powerful anime characters to ever exist.

That is why he would not even have to fight the character of Kimetsu no Yaiba. He could easily trap him within impenetrable barriers, take him to an unknown land, or just curse him with his Curse power, and watch Muzan fail in everything he does.

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