Steven Universe Season 6: Release Date

Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe” stands out among the network’s other offerings thanks to its unique storylines and quirky characters. In contrast to similar animated series, which resort to forced humor, this one presents you with a cartoon that is genuinely refreshing thanks to its engrossing visual gags, dialogues, and female-oriented animation style.

‘Steven Universe’ is one of the best shows on television, and even if you aren’t a fan of many of the newer shows on Cartoon Network, you should watch the latest season. There have been five seasons of the show so far. Next up, then, is the matter of whether or not Steven Universe will return for a sixth season. If you want to find out, keep reading.

Steven Universe Season 6 Release Date

There have been 160 episodes total during the show’s five seasons. First-season episodes debuted on November 4, 2013. There are 53 separate parts. First airing on May 29, 2017, was the series finale. There are a total of 32 episodes in Season 5, compared to 25 in Seasons 2–4. Following the launch of Steven Universe: The Movie on Netflix on September 2, 2019, the streaming service announced a 20-episode limited series titled Steven Universe Future. The renewal for season six of the show is still up in the air at this time. However, the show’s creator recently disclosed in an interview that production on Season 6 has already begun.

The sixth season is still under production, so viewers will have to wait for it to premiere. After 2022, it won’t be sold anywhere anymore. An episode called “Epilogue” will serve as the next Steven Universe installment rather than a full sixth season.

Steven Universe storyline

The heroes of “Steven Universe,” the Crystal Gems, are immortal alien warriors that protect the world from all evil from their base in a beachside metropolis. Rose Quartz, the mother of Steven Universe and one of the Crystal Gems gave her life so that her son might be himself.

Follow us as we learn about Steven and his other Gem companions as they embark on their mission to defend Homeworld. And while they’re at it, Steven needs to realize his own potential by upholding his mother’s virtuous values. This not only helps him grow into his potential but also illuminates his life’s mission for him. After saving the universe, Steven is still hard at work in season 6, according to the official synopsis. But as he gets out of other people’s issues to fix, he’ll have to deal with his own.

Steven Universe Cast and characters

  • Zach Callison as Steven Universe
  • Estelle as Garnet
  • Charlyne Yi as Ruby
  • Erica Luttrell as Sapphire
  • Michaela Dietz as Amethyst
  • Deedee Magno-Hall as Pearl
  • Shelby Rabara as Peridot
  • Tom Scharpling as Greg Universe
  • Grace Rolek as Connie Maheswaran
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Lion
  • Jennifer Paz as Lapis Lazuli

Steven Universe Season 6 Plot

Steven, the series’ main protagonist, is a young child. His hometown is also the name of the city in which he resides. The mysterious alien race known as the Crystal Gems, who have humanoid traits, play a pivotal part throughout the series. They save Earth from extinction but at the cost of their own species. Only Steven is a hybrid, consisting of both human and non-human traits.

There are a plethora of adventures he and his pals go on. These diamond gangs are armed with the power of eternity. Therefore, Steven’s age is irrelevant. Their DNA naturally features a precious stone. Her mom has a half-gem son, and his name is Steven. Half-Steven spends his time away from home learning about the maternal abilities he inherited.

The show depicts Steven’s everyday life and his willingness to aid his friends in need. Steven’s feelings, ideas, and reflections about coming of age as a humanoid with gem traits are all on display in this episode. No information about the upcoming sixth season has been released, and there has been no trailer. We will update you when we have more information to provide.

Final Words

In May 2013, the first episode of this show debuted. There have been a total of five seasons of this show, airing between 2013 and 2019. A movie adaptation, titled Steven Universe: The Movie, was also produced based on the series. The series’ conclusion, Steven Universe Future, aired afterward. Love, family, and friendship are major ideas in this show. Sugar, while working as a storyboard artist on Adventure Time, conceived the idea for Steven Universe. Sugar’s little brother, Steven, was the model for Steven in the show. There have been numerous media adaptations of this series, including books, comics, and games.

Since its debut in 2013, the series has amassed a massive following. In addition to its visual style, soundtrack, voice acting, characters, prominence of LGBTQ themes, and science fiction fantasy worldbuilding, the game has received a lot of praise. The show was named 2019’s Outstanding Kids and Family Program by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network. Also, it was the first time an animated show had ever taken home the prize. In 2019, it also won the Peabody Award for Outstanding Children’s and Youth Program. Five Emmy Awards and five Annie Award nominations followed afterward.

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