Star Wars: Skeleton Crew: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Here we are in the middle of Season 3 of The Mandalorian, and later in the autumn, Disney+ will finally release the highly anticipated Ahsoka series starring Rosario Dawson. It’s looking like 2023 is going to be a year jam-packed with incredible Star Wars episodes. Both of these programs will debut this year, but that’s not all.

Following the more Western-influenced series like The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, as well as the political thrillers like Andor, Star Wars is taking a new turn with Star Wars: Skeleton Crew. In addition to an A-list ensemble, the program will have a younger cast led by the brilliant Jude Law.

Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Jon Watts and Chris Ford are the main creators of the franchise. Despite the success of their previous works, this will be their first venture into the Star Wars canon.

Producing them will be Jon Favreau (The Mandalorian) and Dave Filoni (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), who have collaborated on almost every Star Wars TV show except for Andor. Although information for Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is still scarce, here is everything we know about the program so far.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Release Date

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew has been the subject of much conjecture because both Disney and Lucasfilm have been remarkably quiet about it. A recent press statement from Disney verified this, announcing the next two Star Wars TV programs, Skeleton Crew and The Acolyte. Both are now set to be released in 2024; however, the exact months are not mentioned.

Surprisingly, however, the remainder of the press statement follows a fairly chronological pattern. The fact that Skeleton Crew isn’t first on the list, but The Acolyte is, is noteworthy since it implies that it isn’t genuinely imminent. The scene might prove the reports that Star Wars: Skeleton Crew will now be released on Christmas 2024. At Lucasfilm, something really strange is happening.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Cast

Along with younger performers, Jude Law and Kerry Condon will be part of the Star Wars Skeleton Crew.

Actor Jude Law has a history of sci-fi roles, most notably as the enemy Kree in Captain Marvel (2019). Everyone thinks he’s a Jedi on the run, but no one has verified his actual position in this science-fiction drama series just yet.

The official roster of Skeleton Crew members is as follows:

  • Jude Law as a Force-user
  • Ryan Kiera Armstrong
  • Robert Timothy Smith
  • Ravi Cabot-Conyers
  • Kyriana Kratter
  • Tunde Adebimpe
  • Kerry Condon
  • Jaleel White

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Plot

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew supposedly takes place during the New Republic period, according to Lucasfilm. Both The Mandalorian and the forthcoming Ahsoka series are set in this period.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, as unveiled by Jon Watts at the Star Wars Celebration, follows a group of kids who were separated from their planet and must work together to find their way back. The children in the novel, as shown by Watts and Ford, are full of curiosity and want to go on grand adventures throughout the perilous cosmos.

Watts and Kathleen Kennedy, head of Star Wars, claim that the adventure film series The Goonies, produced by Amblin Entertainment, served as inspiration for the show.

A new video has shown that Star Wars: Skeleton Crew takes place in a space suburb; however, information about the narrative beyond the summary is few. Pirate Vane, who made an appearance in Season 3 of The Mandalorian, makes a triumphant comeback in the clip as well.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Trailer

Although a sneak preview was shown to participants at Star Wars Celebration 2023, there is no official trailer for Star Wars: Skeleton Crew at this time. The video allegedly included “shots of the children on speeders, in school, on spaceships, and a tease of a familiar villain from The Mandalorian,” as reported by Variety.

According to rumors, this antagonist is none other than Vane, the notorious Nikto pirate from season 3 of The Mandalorian who wreaked havoc on Din Djarin, Baby Yoda, and Greef Karga. According to the rumor mill, pirates will play a significant antagonistic role in Skeleton Crew.

Where to watch Star Wars: Skeleton Crew?

Only on Disney Plus will you be able to view Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.


In 2024, Disney+ will debut the much-anticipated new Star Wars series, Skeleton Crew. The show will revolve around a ragtag crew of youngsters who are stranded in space while desperately searching for their way back.

Supposedly, the show is based on a coming-of-age tale, with the youngsters gaining wisdom about friendship and life lessons while exploring the cosmos.

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