Spoiler of The Attack of the Giants 139: all the leaks leaked so far on the net

An era will end in a few days, with a manga that will remain in history regardless of the ending. The Attack of the Giants 139 is in fact about to be published on Bessatsu Shonen Magazine and after more than 11 years and 7 months we will see the finale programmed by Hajime Isayama.

So far the magazine has officially published the cover of The Attack of the Giants 139 which will open the April issue, but the usual spoilers prior to the official release have not been leaked online. Or at least, confirmed and therefore definitive leaks have not arrived on the net. Below you will find the spoiler of The Attack of the Giants 139 still not confirmed which in recent days have appeared on some platforms.

According to leaker Zekken, the final chapter will be titled “Shingeki no Kyojin” as well as the name of the manga. The first page shows the future memories of the attacking giants, the scene continues with the sequel to Mikasa’s beheading of Eren. Mikasa continues to cry as she tells Armin that Eren is dead, and Ymir tells the girl that she can fix everything. The adult Mikasa goes back in time and meets both the adult Eren and their child counterparts. Eren apologizes to Mikasa and says he will fix the timeline. The scene continues, Eren is in the paths with Ymir and asks her something. The paths begin to collapse in on themselves. The last page shows an adult Eren holding a baby in his hands, telling him “you are free”.

Another leaker reveals that Eren is the father of Historia’s child. Meanwhile, Ymir’s plan is revealed and how she needed Eren to carry it out. The trails join something unspecified. Ymir was not only King Fritz’s slave, Eren gets a new body. The central theme of the chapter seems to be the freedom to choose and the willingness to decide how to move forward with one’s life. Flashbacks and explanations about Eren and Ymir who talk in depth about the plan and how Historia is not there just to look at the situation. The “curse of Ymir” does not only concern the 13 years of life of the giants but also the history that the Eldians and others have had to endure so far because of Ymir. They are all released from the curse. Further explanations come about Mikasa’s headaches, why Eren’s head was in the colossal giant, why the luminous creature ruled the giants that way. Annie uses an unknown power possibly related to the Female Giant.

Another leaker reports the following instead. Eren takes Armin to the trails. Past events are seen and the conversation continues as they look out to sea. Armin hits Eren. After a change of scene, Armin hugs Eren and sits down for the last goodbye. Armin wakes up and sees Mikasa. The giants are all human again, they are all fine. Levi saw Hanji and the others on the trails. Jean and Connie saw Sasha smiling on the trails. Reiner and his mother hug again. Armin has to take care of the last things. Mikasa takes the lead. A few years later, the queen holds the baby in her arms to celebrate her birthday with a mysterious man. The others have grown up and go to Lena with a boat. Gabi and Falco are with the captain in a wheelchair. Birds fly in the sky above the ship. There is also another particular bird but it is not known where it is. Mikasa is sitting near the tree where there is a grave. The bird arrives and pats on Mikasa’s scarf, then flies away.

An image was also leaked showing a confrontation between an adult Eren and a child Eren in the trails, unrelated to spoilers but which appears to be manipulated and therefore false. Recall that these spoilers of The Attack of the Giants 139 are not confirmed and therefore must be taken with a grain of salt. The only spoiler confirmed so far is the page Hajime Isayama leaked in 2018. The last page of The Attack of the Giants that you can see below sees a person with long black hair holding a child saying “you are free”.

The Attack of the Giants 139 will be published on Crunchyroll in English on April 9, 2021.

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