Spider-Man A New Universe: one of the animators explains which scene was the most complicated

When it launched in 2018, Spider-Man: A New Universe It was a film with a striking and intense visual style that everyone loved. Last Friday, the main animator of the film, Nick Kondo, used the social network Twitter to share your feelings about the most difficult scene to animate of all.

And beware that despite the effects and the work after the film, it turns out that the most difficult scene to animate was a fairly serene moment within it. From this point, there are spoilers for Spider-Man: A New Universe.

“I think as the years go by and I have been able to digest my experience working on the film, it is this set of scenes (Jeff, Miles, and Aaron in the alley) that comes to mind,” Kondo wrote.

The clip he refers to is the moment in the film in which Miles Morales suffers the betrayal and death of his uncle Aaron / Prowler. Miles clashes with his father, Jeff, an NYPD, in an alley. Jeff does not recognize Miles and being dressed as Spider-Man is forced to flee without revealing his identity.

(1/10) I was asked recently – “What was the most difficult shot you animated on Spiderverse?” My answer came spilling out and surprised me actually… A thread… pic.twitter.com/i8ES3RW8xq

— Nick Kondo Kondo (@NickTyson) April 23, 2021

Kondo wanted to reflect Miles’s psychological state in the scene and has said that he relied on his own painful experiences to make the animation.

“It is a devastating emotional burden for Miles,” Kondo wrote. “I try to put myself in his place, I think about when I lost my father suddenly and without expecting him when I left high school. I remember the feeling that they called me at midnight and told me that he was gone.”

Kondo has given other details related to the animation of the sequence, such as the change of position of Jeff’s firearm, as well as a fun Easter egg.

The sequel to Spider-Man: A New Universe is currently in production. Sony Pictures Animation recently announced that there is already a trio of directors on the project. It will hit theaters, in principle, on October 7, 2022.

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