Super Dragon Ball Heroes: what happened to Vegeta? That’s why he’s not with Goku

The new saga of Super Dragon Ball Heroes started immediately plunging into a lethal confrontation between Goku, who has awakened in the parallel universe created by Fu, and Freeza and Coola. But what happened to Vegeta in this first episode? Here’s why he’s not with his rival.

When the brothers Freeza and Cooler start to attack Goku, they are intercepted by Hearts, an old antagonist who for some strange reason takes the side of the Saiyan. However, fans are wondering if Vegeta is also present in the universe created by the insane Fu, of which in the episode there is no trace.

To update the community on the difficult situation where the Saiyan Prince is located is Twitter user DBS Chronicles, who shared the synopsis of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission Chapter 7.

If Vegeta was unable to come to Goku’s aid, it is simply because the two are simply not in the same place. If Kakarot awakened on the counterpart of Planet Earth, the prince was sent to one instead reconstruction of the Planet Vegeta. But in his home planet he too finds himself facing your fearsome opponents, Turles, antagonist of the film Dragon Ball Z: The Great Battle for the Destiny of the World, and Cumber, the Evil Saiyan.

Will he be able to fend for himself or will he get support too? Probably, at his side they could appear Goku and Vegeta Xeno of the Temporal Patrol. While waiting to find out, let’s try to find out why Hearts has lined up alongside Goku in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. The biographies of the various protagonists reveal several mysteries about the new Super Dragon Ball Heroes saga.

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