SouthSide Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

SouthSide Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The show was made by Diallo Riddle, Bashir Salahuddin, as well as Sultan Salahuddin, of whom two are the main characters.

It tells the story of recently graduated college students who work at a “rent-to-own” store and therefore are trying to get ahead in business.

They do it because they want to do well at it. But even after a few ideas, they still can’t figure out what the goal is. Each season of 10 episodes has done a great job of telling this story.

The show first aired in 2019 on Comedy Central and HBO Max, among other places. The original language of the TV show from the US is English. Each episode is 22 minutes long and is more entertaining than anyone could hope for.

Teams of smart people from Jax Media, Emerald Street, MTV Entertainment Studios, The Riddle Entertainment Group, as well as Comedy Partners work together to make the show. Let’s look just at story and the cast before we talk about season 3.

These days, a big part of the market is going to sitcoms. Southside is the same kind of movie. We can say for sure that the whole series is a real treat.

This series gets to the heart of what it means to be an adult and is a good way to relieve stress.

Is Season 3 of SouthSide coming or not? Both of these things work well together in the American sitcom “South Side.”

Within the initial few episodes of a “popular show that was just getting started,” the buzz button has been pushed.

After two productive years, the show’s creators left fans with something to “wonder” about in the third. South Side was a comedy show that was made by Emerald Street, The Riddle Entertainment Group, Jax Media, Comedy Partners, as well as MTV Entertainment Studios. On the South Side, Viacom-CBS Domestic Media Networks are spread out.

The American sitcom South Side was made by Bashir Salahuddin and Diallo Riddle together.

It is set inside the Englewood neighbourhood of Chicago and was filmed there. It is about two friends who just finished college and are working at a lease shop to try to make money.

The first episode of the show aired on July 24, 2019, on Comedy Central. In August 2019, the show was given a second season of 10 episodes.

SouthSide Season 3 Release Date

The main Twitter account for the show put up a 10-second video to prove this. It said, “It’s period for Season 3,” and you can now watch it on HBO Max.

You’ll have to wait until the big announcement throughout Feb to get the game. Word on the street is that season 3 will come out in late 2022.

But HBO Max’s creators and team haven’t said anything to back this up. Some rumours say that the movie will come out in November 2023.

SouthSide Season 3 Cast


  • Sultan Salahuddin as Simon James
  • Kareme Young as Kareme Odom
  • Chandra Russell as Sergeant Turner
  • Bashir Salahuddin as Officer Goodnight


  • Lil Rel Howery as Terrence Bishop
  • Zuri Salahuddin as Stacy
  • Quincy Young as Quincy Odom
  • Langston Kerman as Adam Bethune
  • Diallo Riddle as Allen Gayle
  • Nefetari Spencer as Keisha
  • Will Miles as Jay-Mal
  • Lanre Idewu as Greg the Marine
  • Jelani Lofton as Teddy
  • Edward Williams III as Travis
  • Aaron J. Hart as Aaron
  • Rashawn Nadine Scott as Kitty Goodnight
  • Michael Brunlieb as Chase Novak
  • Ronald L. Conner as Bluto
  • Antoine McKay as Uncle Spike
  • LaRoyce Hawkins as Michael “Shaw” Owens
  • Cole Keriazakos as Josh Goodnight


  • Nathaniel “Earthquake” Stroman
  • Jeff Tweedy
  • LisaRaye McCoy
  • Kel Mitchell
  • Ed Lover
  • Deon Cole (season 2)
  • Chance the Rapper (seasons 2, 3)
  • Vic Mensa (seasons 2, 3)
  • Dreezy (season 2)
  • Sommore (season 2)
  • Rhymefest (season 2)
  • Furly Mac as Sensei Terry (season 2)
  • Cordae (season 3)
  • Donell Jones (season 3)
  • Adele Givens (season 3)

SouthSide Season 3 Trailer

SouthSide Season 3 Plot

As was already said, the show is about two fun protagonists who happen to just be friends and work at the same place.

Since their daily routines are boring and they don’t like their jobs, they both decide to start their own businesses on the side.

The show shows their problems in a funny way, which makes it an excellent sitcom to watch.

The next season would then probably pick up where “Sarcopha Couch,” the last episode, which happened to come out on Nov 25, 2021, left off.

The episode was written by Chandra Russell, and Michael Blieden was in charge of the direction.

The episode’s official description says, “Juke-A-Thon as well as Furniture Con are on the horizon, which means big changes again for South Side crew.

Stacy and Turner disagree about how to coach, and Q’s revolutionary couch induces a rift in the room continuum.”

“We’re lucky. We get to put on an event about a city humans love with our friends and family who live in it. Salahuddin and Riddle both said that South Side gets a kick out of the crazy things that normal people do.

“We challenge ourself to make every incident a unique as well as unexpected journey. We have no idea what will happen to our characters in third season, and we can’t wait to find out.”

“It’s been a real joy to bring this world and all these characters to life,” said Suzanna Makkos, EVP of Original Comedy as well as Adult Animation at HBO Max.

A great deal of individuals contend that Southern Side revolves around the American dream, as well as the stories which Bashir as well as Diallo have written are full of sharp humour and fresh cultural commentary that make that dream come to life. When I say, “It’s time for the percolator,” I think I talk for everyone at HBO Max.

The people who make money by taking risks are back. South Side is about two friends who are about to rule the globe, but first they have to work at a Rent-to-Own store.

The show, which was filmed in the Englewood neighbourhood of Chicago, gives a real look at life just on South Side.

South Side is indeed a written comedy that takes place in and around Englewood, a working-class neighbourhood on the South Side of Chicago.

Two friends who just got out of community college and thus are ready to rule the globe are the focus of the show. But they’re stuck at Rent-to-Own, a place where people from all over the South Side come to shop and rent.

Even though life in the city is hard, these friends and coworkers are all trying to make their business dreams come true.

Local Chicagoans all in front and behind the webcam brought this show to life, giving viewers a true picture of life on the South Side. It shows that what you hear about in the news is only a small part of the city.

In this show, the main characters are two friends who just got out of community college and thus are ready to take on the world.

But until then, they will have to work at a Rent-to-Own store. The show, which was filmed in Chicago’s Englewood neighbourhood, gives a real look at how people live just on South Side.

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