Song of the Bandits Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know Far

Since K-dramas have evolved into a genre, and due to the success of shows like Squid Game, Black Knight, and DP, Netflix has decided to fund yet another adventure series. The protagonist of Song of the Bandits is a brave bandit who will stop at nothing to defend his territory. The show examines the depths of the human psyche and the fascinating histories of China and Japan. The series succeeds in creating the impression of turmoil without actually commenting on politics or minimizing any country.

The series made its debut on Netflix not too long ago, and it has since caused quite a stir. You, of course, find yourself in the crossfire and wondering if a premiere date for Season 2 of Song of the Bandits has been set in stone. If so, you’ve found the right place to acquire up-to-date information.

Song of the Bandits Season 2 Renewal Status

As of this writing, Netflix has not ordered a second season of Song of the Bandits. It’s possible for that to alter depending on how well this series does with streaming services.

Before deciding whether or not to renew a show, networks and streaming services typically consider a number of factors, including the show’s original viewership and its subsequent viewership decline. A network’s decision on a show’s renewal or cancellation can come swiftly in some cases, whereas it can take months in others.

Song of the Bandits has been receiving generally positive reviews from critics and viewers, and it has maintained respectable viewership numbers for a web drama. The show consistently ranks among the top 10 most-viewed television programs worldwide.

The season finale also leaves viewers with some optimism that the show will be back for a second season. Taking everything into account, we believe it is likely that Netflix will order a second season of Song of the Bandits.

Song of the Bandits Season 2 Release Date

A second season of the Netflix original series The Songs of the Bandits has not yet been confirmed. Fans are worried about the show’s future because of Netflix’s track record of canceling popular shows like Monarch Season 2 and others.

The show’s creators and production company have not made any public statements advocating for or against the show’s renewal or cancellation. However, when the series is made available to the public ultimately rests in the hands of the show’s creators and producers.

Song of the Bandits Story

The historical play Song of the Bandits is replete with legend and peril. It’s set in the early 1990s, during the turbulent period of Japanese rule, and it shows the helplessness that people felt at the time. As a result of the abrupt shift in the economy, the Joseon people are exiled to Japan, where they are forced to live in abject poverty.

They have nothing to do but roam around aimlessly while starving to death and without any clothing or shelter. Some people thrive in these unstable times, while others can only look back and curse their luck. Those banished to Gando, a lawless area, are in an even more hopeless predicament.

Lee Yoon (Kim Nam-gil) is one such soldier who, after seeing the twisted state of the people of Gando, decides to join them and set himself up as a bandit. Nam Hee-shin (Seohyun), a lone activist, happens upon Yoon and ends up working with him. But she hides her true identity by passing herself off as the Railway Bureau’s director.

Song of the Bandits Cast

  • Kim Nam-gil as Lee Yoon
  • Seohyun as Nam Hee-shin
  • Yoo Jae-myung as Choi Chung-soo
  • Lee Hyun-wook as Lee Gwang-il
  • Lee Ho-jung as Eon Nyeon
  • Lee Jae-gyun as Chorang-i
  • Kim Do-yoon as Kang San-gun
  • Cha Yeop as Geum-so
  • Cha Chung-hwa as Kim Seon-bok
  • Kim Seol-jin as Kimura
  • Ko Kyu-pil as Han Tae-ju
  • Park Sang-won as Ishida
  • Han Gyu-won as Jang Ki-ryong
  • Kim Min as Jin-san
  • Park Gwang-jae as Heuk-dong

Song of the Bandits Season 2 Plot

Gwang Il, a major general, begins spreading his reach into Gando while the bandits prepare to defend the town. Gwang may have a reputation for being cruel, but he is actually quite kind and deeply committed to his country and its people. Furthermore, another bandit named Eon Nyeoni is out for blood and seeking revenge for the deaths of her parents. Like Hee-shin’s developing love for Lee Yoon, her bright smile masks a dark past.

Both Gwang and Yoon had given in to Hee-shin’s allure by the end of the first season. Season 2 of Song of the Bandits will most likely center on a love triangle of this type. All of these characters’ histories and struggles for freedom will be depicted in the future season.

Song of the Bandits Creators

Hwang Jun-hyeok directed the first season of Song of the Bandits, and Han Jeong-hoon wrote the script. This is the first time they’ve worked together since Bad Guys 2. The story of Song of the Bandits can only continue if the creators of the show get back together for a second season. Studios Dragon, Urban Works, and Baram Pictures created the show.

Song of the Bandits Season 2 Trailer

There is no Season 2 Song of the Bandits trailer available at this time. When a new version becomes available, we will issue an update.

Where to watch Song of the Bandits?

Season 1 of The Songs of the Bandits is now available to stream on Netflix, the best-known official television series and film release service.


When it comes to popular Korean dramas on Netflix, the future of a show might be uncertain as producers examine several criteria before making a choice. The second season of “Song of the Bandits” has not been officially confirmed, although there is reason to be optimistic. There’s a good chance the show will be renewed because of its compelling plot, interesting characters, and tense ending. So, series aficionados, stay tuned and let’s hope for more bandit adventures in the future.

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