The Sinner Season 3 Christ Messina to Join the Cast

The Sinner Season 3 Christ Messina to Join the Cast

The Sinner Season 3 is returning on the USA Network and most regions. The good news is that it will air on Netflix as well.

Another highlight is Christ Messina from the Mindy Project joining the season three cast as co-star opposite Matt Bomer.

the sinner season 3
the sinner season 3

What Happens in The Sinner Season 3?

The 3rd season of the USA Network collection (spoiler alert) will follow the investigations of Detective Harry Ambrose (played by regular Bill Pullman.)

The series starts with the detective investigating a tragic car accident in New York. As the case develops, Ambrose reveals a hidden crime is pulling him into a disturbing and dangerous affair. 

Jamie, a local and upstanding resident, looks at Ambrose for support during the wake of the accident. Nick Haas (played by Messina) is an old college friend paying Jamie an unexpected visit. 

During the visit, Jamie alters the course of their lives. Messina known as Danny Castellano in the Mindy Project has played in different casts but known for his role as a doctor. 

When Will You See The Third Sinner Season on USA Networks?

We were expecting The Sinner 3rd Season back on the USA Network during August 2019. However, it is no longer the case and released in fall or at the beginning of 2020. 

The greater part of countries outside the United States considers The Sinner a Netflix Original. These regions will get the new episodes a month and a half after the series concludes on the US Network. 

The fantastic news is both seasons have been added for November, but with the delay, fans can expect it to air only in 2020 when it arrives on Netflix. 

But if you do want to catch up before season three starts head over to Netflix and watch the first two seasons now showing. 

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