so are the titanium straps for Apple Watch from Lululook

The Apple Watch straps are a very personal item. To the point that, in addition to the official ones, a whole variety of straps from other manufacturers have emerged. A collection impossible to cover, but in which from time to time you come across one that is worth it.

In the last few weeks we have tested two titanium Apple Watch straps from the Lululook brand. In our experience, have stood out for their robustness and lightness, larger than you would expect from a metal strap. Of course, a minimum of initial dexterity is required to be able to place them in the right size for our wrist.

Step one: adjust the strap length

Lululook 005

Like almost all metal strap, it is made up of links that we must adjust to our wrist thickness. It is imperative that it is the correct one, since the many sensors of the Apple Watch depend on it. This is the case of the pulse oximeter of the Apple Watch Series 6, for example.

The worst that can happen to us is that our measure is right between two links and we are not able to decide. Some users will prefer that the setting be looser or tighter, depending on your tastes. Whatever the size, you will have to follow these steps:

Lululook 007

  • With the included pin, very similar to the tool to extract the iPhone SIM, we will push the spring of one of the links to be removed.
  • At the same time, we will try to move it out to release it.
  • The spring at its other end must also be removed.
  • To put the spring back between the links that we are left with, we must use the pin again.
  • We will have at least one link and a spring left over when shortening the chain, which we will keep.
Lululook 003

Once this “operation” is done, we will have the strap ready to take it with our Apple Watch. It takes a bit of skill, so we can always take it to a watchmaker to have it adjusted for us.

Wear a titanium strap on a daily basis

Lululook 006

For those who have only tried Sport or Loop straps for a long time, even leather on traditional watches, using a metal one is a welcome change. It gives the Apple Watch more force and weight on a day-to-day basis. Yes indeed, less than one expects from a metal strap. At first we will notice it, but as the hours go by one forgets about it.

The closure and adjustment system uses two buttons on the sides of the clasp. By tightening them simultaneously, we will release the pin with which it is held in place, allowing us open the strap and remove it from the wrist. Lululook claims that the links are made of 93% titanium alloy along with steel, which makes up the remaining percentage. The clasp is also made of steel.

Lululook 009

As it is a blue case, the black strap does not “fit” completely.

The black model is the one that probably attracts the most attention. In my weeks of use, it is the one that I have used the most, although as can be seen from the photos, both colors do not match the blue Apple Watch Series 6. Thus, I recommend choosing one color or another depending on what we have in the Apple Watch box: silver with silver, black with black. This is where a red Apple Watch Series 6 might make you regret the color you chose.

Lululook 011

There is one thing to keep in mind with these straps and it is the following: to be able to exchange them you have to slide them down their “lane” and it’s not easy. If you have removed multiple links, you will see that the system is reluctant to fit and you will have to juggle to fit it. So far I have not had any surprises and the whole has held up perfectly.

A strap to wear on special occasions

Lululook 013

The sensations that these straps convey is that we are facing an accessory designed for special occasions. Or, at least, serious situations. Those in which one would wear a suit are the ones that come to mind. Therefore, they fit more in weddings or offices, whenever we are required to wear this uniform.

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Lululook offers a quality strap that is different from the usual ones. Made from a slightly more exclusive material than usual and at a competitive price of $ 49 (shipping included). Very similar to what Apple’s own straps cost fluoroelastomer. If you were looking for one to complete your collection and make it more compatible with all kinds of situations, with them you have a strong candidate.

More information | Lululook Titanium Straps, $ 49.

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