Ramy Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot- What To Expect

Ramy Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot- What To Expect

Hello Hulu Fam, have you watched Season 1 and 2 of the comedy-drama series named Ramy.

If not, then grab some popcorn and soft drinks and enjoy the series only on Hulu. The series will make you laugh a lot.

There’s been news that Season 3 of Ramy will be released soon. 

Let’s find out all the possibilities regarding the release of the new season.

About Ramy

Ramy is an American comedy romance drama series that premiered exclusively on 19 April 2019 on the OTT streaming platform Hulu. 

Hulu renewed the series in May 2019 for the second season, premiering on 29 May 2020. 

Ramy Youssef is part of the main protagonists of the series. The show has a rating of 8.0, and there are 20 episodes in the show.

What makes Ramy’s concept different?

Ramy’s concept is unique because the series showcases American Muslim culture. 

Since we know that most in western culture are depicted as the bad guys, the series was praised for portraying this concept.

Background of the series

The background of the series talks about a man named Ramy, a son of Egyptian immigrants trying to begin his spiritual journey. Still, it is divided between his Muslim community customs, God, and his friends, who presume endless possibilities for his spiritual journey.

Season 1 Review 

Ramy is the descry of the hilarious & insightful life of the Muslim family who lives in America and just immigrated from Egypt. 

Ramy perfectly articulates the precarious nature and nuances of identity. Also, Ramy Youssef is a talent to watch.

Ramy’s 1st Episode Spoilers

In the first episode, we immediately see the boiling conflict under his skin. He is millennial stuck balancing life as a devout Muslim man and finding the perfect match for himself to make her his wife and spend the rest of his life with her. 

He was facing a lot of problems in these two areas. 

Ramy didn’t strike with women as there is a lot of difference between dating and marrying them. 

All these things were weighing on him, but fortunately, a fellow Muslim man helped Ramy to solve his problems.

At the beginning of the episode, Ramy was moving toward the Masjid to pray. 

He got there and started washing, according to the customs in his religion.

But before he does that, Ramy finds a new wash area for privacy. He believed that no one else was around him and started to wash his feet by using his socks.

It was strange washing the feet with socks. Regardless of customs in the Islamic religion over there, a fellow Muslim man called him out on it.

The older man in the Masjid told Ramy that if he kept his socks on, he wouldn’t be able to wash his feet properly.

Ramy tried to ignore the older man’s comments and walk away from that spot, but the man didn’t let him go.

Old Hajj grabbed Ramy’s feet & started washing his toes for him. It was an embarrassing moment for Ramy, but he went along with the flow.

The strange encounter with the man-made Ramy gets back to the dating game that he knew in hand. 

He goes directly to Chloe (Anna Konkle), but things go very fast. 

Chloe kicked Ramy out and asked him to talk to his parents to make him settle with a nice Muslim woman.

To know more of the story, watch Ramy Season 1

Season 2 Review (Ramy)

The 2nd season of the series started with excellent pacing, solid structure, and a good sense of humor. 

The series finds the emotional assuredness of Ramy. 

Ramy’s layered approach yields rewards in Season 2 as it dinged deeper without losing faith in the power of fun.

Cast (Season 1 & 2)

1) Ramy Youssef- Ramy Hassan

2) May Calamawy- Dena Hassan

3) Amr Waked- Farouk Hassan

4) Dave Merheje-Ahmed

5) Hiam Abbass- Maysa Hassan

6) Steve Way- Stevie

7) Mohammed Amer- Mo

8) Laith Nakli- Uncle Naseem

9) Mahershala Ali- Sheikh Malik

10) Rosaline Elbay- Amani

11) Michael Chernus- Michael

12) Molly Gordon- Sarah

13) Shadi Alfons- Shadi

14) Jared Abrahamson- Dennis

15) MammeYaa Boafo- Zainab

16) Poorna Jagannathan- Salma

17) Anna Konkle- Chloe

18) Kate Miller- Vivian

19) Jade Eshete- Fatima

20) Waleed Zuaiter- Yassir

21) Elisha Henig- Ramy 

What about trailers and teasers?

Hulu officially announced the 3rd season of the series in July of 2020. But no official release date was announced. 

That’s why there are no official teasers and trailers of the show.

Fans’ Expectations with the series?

The expectation of fans with the show is at a high peak as the show portrays the spiritual journey of the Ramy. 

The fans were highly impressed with the romance and humor of the show and expected the same in Season 3 with a new storyline and twists and plots.


Q1. Is the Ramy series available on Prime Video? 

Yes, the series Ramy is available on Prime Video.

Q2. Are there any age restrictions to watching the Ramy series?

The age limit to watch the Ramy series is 16+.  

Q3. How can I watch it without paying?

Ramy is not freely available. You need to buy a Hulu or Amazon Prime subscription to watch the series.


Ramy Season 3 will raise the bar if it gets released. The fans are waiting for a long time for the new season to get launched with a unique story and with various new plots & twists.

It is believed that fans’ excitement regarding the series will speed up the production process of launching the new season of the series soon.

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