Smile 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The modern horror genre is thriving, yet it’s still unusual for a non-franchise horror film to have a deep emotional impact. So, I guess I should be grateful for that grin.

It’s safe to say that by 2022, Smile had established itself as one of the scariest films of all time. The storyline, which followed a lady as she tried to flee from a creature with a single purpose, was absolutely unsettling. It intended her to commit a violent suicide in front of an audience. Really scary. And those ghastly grins will be etched in our memories forever.

Smile 2

With almost $200 million earned at the global box office, the issue of when we will see Smile 2 is no longer whether we will see it. Parker Finn has confirmed his return to the team in the roles of writer and director. Fans of the greatest in ghost stories and the best in body horror should get together since this is one of the new horror films that we can’t wait to watch.

Smile 2 Release Date

The 2022 theatrical release of “Smile” came as somewhat of a surprise, as the movie had been planning for a Paramount+ streaming debut. Test screenings convinced Paramount to switch to a theatrical release, shocking both Parker Finn and the studio. What happened after that is, well, history.

It is the hope of everyone associated with the production and promotion of “Smile” that “Smile 2” will have the same level of success as its predecessor. Paramount executives are setting the picture for a great scary season launch, but we don’t yet know what that team has in store for the horror-loving people with the sequel. According to a new story by Deadline, “Smile 2” will start terrifying moviegoers on October 18, 2024, just days before Halloween.

Of course, the status of the Hollywood SAG-AFTRA strike might change that date. So, stay tuned for more information as it becomes available on the debut of “Smile 2.”

Smile 2 Cast

While it is known that Finn will return to write and direct Smile 2, neither the film’s plot nor its actors have been revealed as of yet. However, a select number of the original’s characters may make an appearance in the sequel. The actor most likely to reprise his role as the humanoid version of the smiling creature is Marti Matulis.

Since the entity would be the main attraction in Smile 2, Matulis may easily play the part again as the entity’s real form. Joel (Kyle Gallner), who was introduced to the creature at the conclusion of the previous film and became its next victim and target, is another character with the potential to return.

Rose’s coworker, Dr. Morgan Desai, and therapist, Dr. Madeline Northcott, played by Kal Penn and Robin Weigert, respectively, could possibly return. Perhaps they get entangled with the thing as they try to figure out what happened to Cotter. Trevor (Jessie T. Usher), Rose’s fiance, and Holly (Gillian Zinser), her sister, are also possible returnees. Since they didn’t listen to her, they will likely suffer the most from her death. Obviously, any surviving character in Smile may come back and help investigate what happened to Rose.

Smile 2 Plot

The antagonist in Smile 2 is a creature that subsists on the fear it instills in its victims. The entity takes control of humans and makes them murder themselves in public, spreading the trauma and the curse. In regard to the story itself, we are aware that Finn will not be explaining away his monster. Finn said that the original film intentionally glossed over several aspects of the tale. He made clear that he wouldn’t be returning to Smile to rehash past material, so we should anticipate something completely new.

We recommend investigating the legends about the creature and its possible methods of defeat. As we saw in the previous film, passing on the curse without really dying is possible if you murder someone in front of an eyewitness. We’re hoping that Smile 2 will add a twist to the story, as in the Final Destination movies.

Smile 2 Trailer

Since production on Smile 2 has not yet started, a trailer for the picture will not be available until considerably closer to its scheduled 2024 release. To make sure you don’t go empty-handed, however, we’ve included this exclusive short discussing the inspiration for the original film’s terrifying premise. Those sickening grins have haunted our minds ever since.

Smile 2: Everything Else We Know

With the announcement that “Smile 2” is in production and rumors of an autumn 2024 release, it’s evident that Paramount Pictures has trust in Parker Finn’s capability to provide depth to the film’s endlessly dismal universe. Finn, however, has his job cut out for him since it has traditionally been difficult for films like “Smile” (i.e., those that seemingly emerge out of nowhere and gain blockbuster status) to duplicate such success.

Nonetheless, the novel concept gives “Smile” movies a fighting chance of maintaining the trauma train rolling in the future. At this time, it does not seem like either Finn or Paramount have plans to turn “Smile” into a franchise. Instead, it appears like Finn is more concerned with making sure “Smile 2” is scarier and has a better plot. While Paramount hasn’t commented on whether or not the tale will continue beyond the next sequel, rumors of a franchise might soon spread if “Smile 2” is successful.

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