Light As A Feather Season 3: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

Light As A Feather is an American paranormal suspense series created by R. Lee Fleming Jr. and produced by Scott Levine. The novel of the same name by Zoe Aarsen served as inspiration for the series. Co-executive producers include R. Lee Fleming Jr., Shelley Zimmerman, Eric Lehrman, Kelsey Grammer, Aron Levitz, Brin Lukins, Stella Bulochnikov, Brett Bouttier, Brian Sher, Jordan Levin, Tom Russo, Joe Davola, Don Dunn.

On June 4, 2018, it was revealed that Alexis Ostrander will direct the pilot and episode one of Light As A Feather, which means that the first season of the Series would consist of 10 episodes. Fans and reviewers alike were enthusiastic at the Series’ October 12, 2018 premiere on Hulu. The next week, on February 5, 2019, the show was renewed for a second season. The second season was split into two volumes, each containing eight episodes. On July 26, 2019, the first half of the second season premiered, and on October 4, 2019, the second half did the same.

Light As A Feather Season 3 Renewal Status

Hulu delayed renewing Light as a Feather for a second season by over six months. So, everyone hoped that the streaming service would be slow to order a third season of Light as Feather. Critics were not won over by the first season. Despite this, a second season was ordered. Unfortunately, it seems that the second season was likewise not successful in attracting viewers. The third season of Light as a Feather has been canceled by Hulu, leaving viewers hanging on a major cliffhanger with no resolution in sight. All the actors’ wild guesses would be put to rest if this were true.

Light As A Feather Storyline

Light as a feather, rigid as a board tells the tale of five adolescent girls who are being pursued by a mysterious creature. When people begin dying in an expected manner, the survivors must determine whether or whether they are being haunted by a supernatural force or by one of their own number.

They need to find out what’s going on so that nobody else dies. This is a horror/adventure program with some very disturbing moments. The deaths of adolescent girls give it an emotional depth that sets it apart from previous horror films. The plot twists and turns in this program often come as a surprise. The girls’ personalities will grow and change as the story progresses.

Light As A Feather Season 3 Cast and characters


  • Liana Liberato as McKenna Brady
  • Haley Ramm as Violet Simmons
  • Brianne Tju as Alex Portnoy
  • Ajiona Alexus as Candace Preston
  • Peyton List as Olivia Richmond
  • Brent Rivera as Isaac Salcedo
  • Jordan Rodrigues as Trey Emory
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Henry Richmond
  • Katelyn Nacon as Sammi Karras
  • Adriyan Rae as Peri Boudreaux


  • Robyn Lively as Deb Brady
  • Chachi Gonzales as Noreen Listerman
  • Shelley Robertson as Gloria Preston
  • Nancy Linehan Charles as Judith
  • Timi Prulhiere as Mrs. Regan
  • Harley Graham as Lena Regan
  • Kira Kosarin as Nadia Abrams
  • Froy Gutierrez as Ridge Reyes
  • Alisa Allapach as April Portnoy
  • Alex Wassabi as Luke Chiba
  • Alan and Alex Stokes
  • Brooke Star as Lisa Salcedo
  • Brea Bee as Sylvia Gallagher
  • Alexander Baudo as Aaron Gleeson
  • Eric Brenner as Charlie Simmons

Light As A Feather Season 3 Release Date

Two seasons of Josie Film’s Light As A Feather are now available to watch online. On October 12, 2018, the first 10 episodes of this new thriller drama were made available. The second season premiered with an additional 16 half-hour episodes. Release dates for the first half of the second season were July 26, 2019, and the second half was October 4, 2019. However, the third season of Light as a Feather will not be airing. Since then, no official release date has been set.

Light as a Feather Season 3 Trailer

A trailer for the forthcoming third season has not yet been released. If you haven’t watched Season 2 yet or just want a reminder, you may check out a trailer for it on YouTube.

Where can I watch Light as a Feather Season 3?

There is currently just one OTT service where you can watch the series. If you’re looking to catch up on Light as a Feather, your best bet is Hulu, where both seasons are now streaming.

Light As A Feather Season Review

The show is a terrifyingly fascinating horror journey. Unlike other horror thrillers, this one stands out. The shocking deaths of the young women provide gravitas to the play. It’s unpredictable and constantly throws you off guard. When faced with adversity, how will the girls respond? Will they band together to defeat it, or will their individual desires survive to triumph over the greater good?

We gain a better look at the monster preying on them with each episode, and the plot twists keep coming. Ajiona Alexus said, “I had zero ideas,” when questioned about her familiarity with the game. My superiors informed me of it, and a few of the ladies already knew. I had to look it up, and even then I wasn’t sure what it meant. I have no interest in participating. Even if I have a lot of courage, there are certain things I won’t undertake. She also described the experiences she had with female friendships in high school, saying, “I believe it’s really relevant. T

his initiative appeals to me because it celebrates the uniqueness of women, particularly young women. I’m glad that the show acknowledges all of it at once, proving that we can sustain a whole production. It’s about bizarre stuff, bullying, and creepy activities in school, all of which a lot of ladies can probably relate to from their own experiences in high school. It’s unlikely that someone would curse them to that degree, but you never know these days. Alexus, who also acts in 13 Reasons Why, says she has learned a lot from both roles, despite their differences.

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