Sleeping Dog Season 2 Release Date: Will It Return For Another Season?

Netflix is pleased to announce that the creators of The Unorthodox are also responsible for producing the Sleeping Dogs series. Sleeping Dogs is a German television series directed by Christoph Darnstadt and filmed in Berlin. The story follows Mike Atlas (Max Riemelt), a former cop, and Jule Andergast (Luise Von Finckh), a rookie lawyer, as they scale the cliffs of their secrets and feelings. It’s a suspense film with some excellent special effects, including some punches and explosions. These plot arcs are important, but the series’ true heart is the interpersonal dynamics among the individuals.

Even though the international premiere of Sleeping Dogs on Netflix only occurred recently, speculation about a potential sequel has already begun. Do you share my curiosity about Sleeping Dogs Season 2? Here are the most recent developments.

Sleeping Dog Season 2 Renewal Status

Netflix has not picked up Sleeping Dog for a second season as of this writing. Depending on how well this series goes for the streamers, that could change.

When deciding whether or not to renew a show, Netflix, like the other streaming services, considers a number of factors, including the show’s initial viewership and its subsequent viewership decline. Some shows, like Squid Game, Bridgerton, etc., have fast cancellation or renewal cycles. Sometimes Netflix will make a choice about a show’s future quickly, while other times it can take months.

With its accessible storytelling and strong central premise, Sleeping Dog has been well-received by viewers and reviewers alike. It’s not ideal, but the resolution is satisfactory enough for most purposes. By the time the credits roll, it’s clear that the story has concluded, thus a sequel is probably not in the cards. Considering the foregoing, we feel confident in saying that Netflix will not order a second season of Sleeping Dog. This could obviously change, but for the time being, consider this a one-shot deal.

Sleeping Dog Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has been known to be unduly forgiving, greenlighting sequels far in advance of the premiere of the first season. However, the streaming giant has a history of abruptly ending several shows after only one season. It’s understandable that viewers are curious about Sleeping Dogs Season 2’s genre classification. It’s clear that this suspenseful show was always meant to have more than one season, even if the creators haven’t said as much.

Several threads were left hanging at the end of Sleeping Dogs Season 1, which will be resolved in the sequel. The premiere season’s cliffhanger-filled six episodes announce the start of a new season. There has been no official announcement, and it appears like the producers and Netflix intend to keep us waiting for some time before they confirm Season 2. Assuming filming starts shortly, Season 2 of Sleeping Dogs should hit Netflix in the third quarter of 2024.

Sleeping Dog Storyline

The protagonist of Sleeping Dog is a damaged man named Mike Atlas. As a former investigator who is now homeless, Atlas is thrust into the middle of a major murder case that bears unsettling connections to his own final case, which included a man named Judge Herres. But Atlas isn’t fighting this battle alone; he has a celebrity on his side in the form of Jule Andergast. Corinna Steck is the crown gem of the DA’s office, and she has every confidence that she can one day exceed her mother, who also worked there.

As the episodes go on, the duo realizes that the case goes much deeper than they had originally assumed, setting the stage for a tense climax and some hard facts to be revealed.

Sleeping Dog Cast

  • Max Reimelt as Mike Atlas, living in a trailer after being estranged from his family following a terrorist bombing attack.
  • Luise von Finckh as Jule Andergast, a rookie prosecutor who collaborates with Mike Atlas to uncover the conspiracy.
  • Carlo Ljubek as Luca Zaric, Atlas’ longtime friend and former colleague at the police department, is Carlo Ljubek.
  • Antonio Wannek as Roland “Socke” Sokowski; is Atlas’ former colleague at the police department.
  • Melodie Wakivuamina as Britney Adebayo; a trainee cop who is taken under the wings of Socke and Zaric, is newcomer Melodie Wakivuamina.
  • Martin Wuttke as Klaus Hartloff; Klaus Hartloff is a powerful and highly connected defense lawyer who doesn’t think the case that Atlas and Andergast and reopening needs further investigating.
  • Peri Baumeister as Lenni Atlas
  • Melika Foroutan as Corinna Steck
  • Helgi Schmid as Tom Schlefski

Sleeping Dog Season 2 Plot

Mike and Jule were thrown into a loop of revealing and indulging in secrets when the mastermind behind Mussa’s suicide was finally revealed at the end of Season 1 of Sleeping Dogs. Season 2 would continue with the aforementioned cliffhanger and explain what led to the deaths of Judge Herres and Mussa. It would explain the budding romance between Jule and her coworker Tom Schlefski and the deteriorating friendship between Mike and his best buddy Luka Zaric (Carlo Ljubek). It would also provide an important explanation for why Mike quit the police department. As a whole, the upcoming season will undoubtedly be intense.

Sleeping Dog Season 1 Review

The new German mystery thriller series Sleeping Dog (German: Schlafende Hunde) on Netflix packs a lot of action into its about six hours of running time. The plot centers on an ex-detective who has become a homeless man eight months after a devastating terrorist attack on the city. The series is anchored by a grim and realistic plot and populated by believable individuals who, together, skillfully convey the impression that the world is a nuanced blend of good and evil. However, for all its merits, Sleeping Dog fails to innovate and suffers from a dearth of compelling action sequences.

A major theme in Sleeping Dog is the routine disregard by superiors for minor infractions committed by police officers. The compelling plot of Sleeping Dog is only matched by the film’s other strength: the likable protagonists and antagonists, each of whom is complicated by their own set of strengths and weaknesses. All the characters in the end admit their wrongdoing and are prepared to face the consequences, thus the series does not conclude on a downer note.

The camerawork and lighting in Sleeping Dog are adequate but unremarkable because they are clearly not the show’s primary focus. The aesthetics are fine; they aren’t really interesting or unusual, though. The script features both humorous and dramatic moments, with experts cracking jokes to lighten the situation while on the clock.

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