Most Common Sports to Bet On

Sports betting is growing daily, utilizing fast-advancing technology for different game features. Nonetheless, these platforms still use traditional sports as part of their gambling selections. Therefore, new betting dynamics are incorporated into these games to offer multiple wagering options. 

Let’s look at the common sports used in wagering and how they are explored for satisfactory betting. 


Football is the most watched and supported sport in the World, and betting platforms have taken advantage of the game. Its first introduction in betting only saw wagering options like;

  • Home win
  • Draw
  • Away win

Shortly after, its dynamics evolved to accommodate other betting features, which are now a favorite for most bettors. These options include the following:

  • Both teams to score
  • Total goals of the match
  • Anticipated goal scorers

Additionally, these options are largely explored in the top five European leagues and major international tournaments around different continents. You can also participate in these matches via sport betting Zambia and get the chance to try more football wagering. 

Horse Racing

Horse racing is quite popular, especially for its easy betting dynamics. It’s able to remain relevant over other famous ball games like Basketball, NFL, and Rugby. This can be attributed to its 24/7 availability for bettors. For example, if you have a Betway account, you can visit the platform at any time, and horse races will always be available, including virtual wagering. 

Betting activities on Horse Racing have increased to $107.2 billion annually. Japan, interestingly, accounts for most of the revenue, with the UK and Australia following closely. 


Surprisingly, Tennis is the third most popular sport to bet on globally. The mostly one-on-one game is easy to engage in, with few variables acting on the final results. You can simply select the best player based on previous stats and records, also helping you judge how each ‘set’ turns out. 

Additionally, stars like Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, or N. Djokovic are normally matched with lowly-ranked opponents in the tournament’s first rounds. The factor gives you an easy choice before considering other complex options. The game is also convenient for live betting as you can easily assess a player’s performance.


The 2019 Rugby World Cup saw more people betting on the game. It is a popular sport to bet on, with different tournaments held at different periods around the World. The Super Rugby and Vodacom competitions are ongoing, giving bettors different options. 

International events also happen regularly, including the SixNations and different test matches. You can also look out for France’s upcoming 2023 Rugby world cup. 


Like Tennis, it’s a one-on-one competition that has outright results. Betting companies like Betway let you predict if a fighter can win via a knockout or which round a winner will be decided. 

With other fighting games like MMA and UFC coming up, boxing is projected to grow in popularity and betting. 


All major betting platforms provide the above sports as the main offering in their respective sites and apps. With technological involvement in the gambling industry, you can explore multiple selections, even in one–on–one version, like Tennis and boxing.


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