Sky Beneath: the platform between Portal and The Talos Principle arrives in 2021 on PC and console

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Mindhaven Games' digital forges turn out the presentation trailer of Sky Beneath, an interesting puzzle platformer inspired by The Talos Principle and Portal to take us to a sci-fi dimension where you can bend gravity to your will.

The protagonist of this science fiction experience is Cassie, a Scavenger called to recover precious materials inside abandoned mining structures. With the help of the partner Annie, our intrepid Scavenger will have to solve various environmental puzzles taking control of gravity.

The game scaffold erected by Mindhaven will therefore rest on the activities to be carried out for move intuitively in the scenario and manipulate the objects scattered on the map, all through the gravitational powers of Cassie and Annie.

As suggested by the announcement video and the related images you find in the gallery, Sky Beneath will offer a rather wide and varied range of settings, from the crumbling structures of the mining complexes to the alien jungles. To continue the adventure, the two Scavengers will have to collect the extraterrestrial technological artifacts scatter yourself in the scenario and use it to enhance your skills based on the manipulation of gravity. The release of Sky Beneath is scheduled for 2021 on PC and consoles, presumably on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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