Sintonia Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Sintonia Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Season 4 of the Netflix original television drama Sintonia will be a new episode. This show is crazy. Fans are already crazy about a fourth season even though the third season just got announced.

The fans of this Spanish drama show come from all over the world. The story takes place in Sao Paulo. There are already two seasons of Sintonia out, and you can watch them on Netflix.

Sintonia is the tale of three finest friends who reside in So Paulo and are trying to figure out how to make their dreams come true. So Paulo is a small city, but it is full of talented individuals from various cultures.

The slums of So Paulo are just like dirty mud, but the talents of a young teens there are comparable to the most beautiful lotus blooming in the mud.

People who live in Brazil’s favelas don’t find it easy to dream. They couldn’t reach their dreams without doing drugs and other illegal things. That’s pretty much all they do, and they’re stuck.

Sintonia’s third season has been shown for the first time in theatres. Fans have been waiting a long time for the story to start. It tells the story of the life of three best friends who are trying hard to reach their goals.

Sintonia has already finished its third season since it started on Netflix, but fans are much more excited about show’s upcoming season finale.

The first episode of the show came out on August 9, 2019, and kond zilla directed and made it. Anyone who has watched the 1st season of the show knows how valuable it is because its main themes are inspiration and commenting on society.

Even though there are only three seasons out so far, the show’s plot keeps people interested and makes them think more about the future.

Sintonia Season 4 Release Date

The first episode of the season 3 is set to air on July 13, 2022. The new season, like the first two, had six episodes. Taking everything into account, the season 4 should start in 2023, but for now, everything is just a guess and the makers haven’t said for sure yet.

Sintonia Season 4 Cast

We don’t know anything about new people joining the cast of Sintonia from the show’s official team right now. So we can’t say for sure if there will be any new stars, but we can be sure that, like all shows, Sintonia Season 4 will bring in some new characters. But let’s look at who has been in the show for the past three years:

  • Christian Malheiros as Nando
  • Jottape Carvalho as Doni
  • Bruna Mascarenhas às Rita
  • Jefferson Silverio as Rivaldo
  • Julia Yamaguchi as Schleya
  • Vinicius de Oliveira as Eder
  • Lorena Jorge as Schleya
  • Yumarie Morales as Rita
  • Dani Nefussi as Marcia
  • Fernanda Viacava as Pastora Sueli

Sintonia Season 4 Trailer

There’s no official teaser for the season 4, but here’s something like that for people who haven’t seen the show yet. “Doni is the baby of the family, and he dreams of living the funk lifestyle,” says the teaser. For now, you could indeed watch the last trailer for the movie down below.

Sintonia Season 4 Plot

The plot of Sintonia Season 4 will be very similar to the plots of the other seasons. The story of the three closest buddies will still be told on the show, but it will pick up where they left at the end of season 3.

Doni, Rita, and Nando must work hard to make their dreams come true. We’ve seen in the first two seasons, and the third season will show us how things will get even more complicated.

This time, Doni, Rita, as well as Nando are going to have a hard time. Nando is at the end of his rope; he can’t go back because he went into the underworld’s labyrinth. It’s “do or die” for him, and he has to make a choice because everything he has worked for over the years is at risk, as is his family. It would be exciting to watch him struggle in this situation.

In contrast hand, Rita has been going to make a big change in her life. She has decided to run for Town Council and follow a religious path. It would be interesting to see how Rita’s life turned out.

Doni on the other hand is getting used to his newfound fame and doing his best with his songs, but is this normal or is there something else going on? This much ordinary seems fishy, which makes people want to know more. Sintonia Season 4 will give us the same chance.

In a world full of crime, prescription painkillers, love, and problems, we’ll see three best friends from different backgrounds striving to make one‘s lives more interesting and satisfying.

Right now, you can watch the season 3 of the this Brazilian crime thriller on Netflix. The season 3 takes a different approach than the first two and has more thrillers as well as dramas. The lives of Doni, Rita, and Nando have changed, and they are all facing new problems.

In addition to this, the constitution’s life has changed a lot, and things don’t usually go as planned. We already know that Nando has gone to the underworld and also that he can’t get out of life.

He has trained himself so much that he can’t get out alive; he has to do it or die. The character’s decision to go underground has had a big effect on his life, and his family is already in trouble, so there is a lot to search for.

Rita, in contrast hand, knows nothing about any of this. By running for City Council, she had also made religion a big part of her life and grown spiritually. The next season is likely to show how she became religious and how that changed her life, along with other interesting things.

The musician Doni is already at the top of his game, and he’s doing everything in his power to make more money from his work. The character is already well-known, but it doesn’t look like this will last forever. More people will come into his life, and since the story didn’t end in a good way, we think that the next occurrences will have much more mysteries and drama.

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