Shetland Season 7 release date details about season 7

Shetland Season 7 latest release date details about season 7

Shetland Season 7 (2022)

Shetland is one of the most famous Scottish television series, which went on-air, on the network, for the first time on March 10, 2013. This criminal drama series has completed six seasons so far and is ready to hit the television again with its brand new season.

Shetland is all about adventures and twists in the story. It has successfully managed to hold on to its fans for these years. The story of Shetland is based on a novel narrated by Ann Cleeves and received an overall rating an 8.2 out of 10 on IMDb.

This series has gained much popularity for its twist-filled scenes and also went on to receive several awards along with a BAFTA. 

All seasons of Shetland recorded so far are available for viewing on BBC One and the OTT platform Netflix.

Want to know about Shetland season 7?

Fans are excited to know the news regarding the season 7 release. For all those fans wondering about the arrival of season 7, we are here with a piece of good news.

BBC One formally declared that Shetland would return with a bang in its seventh season. The shooting has already begun.

The release date for this thriller is set for 2022. Fans need not wait much longer and should be prepared to witness a fresh narrative twist in the story. In Season 7, the majority of the original cast will return.

The plot revolves around solving puzzles and investigating crimes—the episodes center on Douglas Henshall, who plays the role of Jimmy Perez, a criminal detective. In the Scottish Shetland Islands, Perez and the crew investigate many crime scenes. 

In season 6, Marie(Annie Louise) died after a narcotic overdose. Niven becomes implicated in other murders after Eve(Cora Bissett), Marie’s sister, and Anne murder Galbraith.

Donna(Fiona Bell) left a note behind stating that it was not a suicide but a murder and that Duncan(Mark Bonnar) was the one murdering with Jimmy’s help.

On the other hand, Duncan tries to save Pérez. They are both arrested due to the consequences. The bulk of the episodes in Season 6 have ratings of 8 or better on IMDb. The sixth season’s finale suspense has left fans hopeful for the seventh season of Shetland.

So keep an eye on our website for all the latest news about Shetland season 7 while waiting for the season to a telecast.

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