Shadows House Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Shadows House Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Shadows House was one of the 2021 anime season’s hidden gems. It’s a fun, scary, and heartwarming journey through the world of noble Shadows as well as their Living Dolls.

It has a loyal fan base, but it didn’t get as much attn as it reserved. Now that Season 2 has been out, people will have another chance to find out what’s going on in this new show.

Shadows House is loosely based just on mathe nga with the same name. It has parts of a fairy tale, an allegory, and a Victorian gothic drama.

In the first period, we meet Emilico, who is happy and kind and has just started working as a “Living Doll” for Kate, a girl from a wealthy family.

Kate and the other nobles are Shadows, which are people who always give off soot from one‘s body and look black and faceless because of it.

So, each person uses their Living Doll to interact with the outside world. Even though Kate and Emilico quickly learn to trust and value each other, both these Dolls are treated less kindly and are slowly trained to give up their individuality until just the Shadow is left.

Emilio, Kate, as well as their friends, start to feel like they want to change things, but they don’t have much power, and the secrets and dangers of Dark areas House keep getting bigger.

The first season of “Shadows House,” a creepy mystery anime, captivated viewers including its macabre style, interesting premise, and impressive ability to be creepy without being outright scary.

The series takes place in the mysterious, isolated mansion called Shadows House. It is about a group of faceless shadowy figures and one‘s living doll equivalents who clean the house.

The show is mostly about the dark girl Kate Mirror as well as her having to live with doll Emilico even though they start to find out some scary secrets about the house and the people who live there.

The initial season ended in July 2021, fans have already been excitedly waiting to hear when Season 2 will come out and how it will continue the story.

Early information from Funimation suggests that a second season would be great for people who liked the first one.

Shadows House Season 2 Release Date

The first incident of the supernatural drama “Shadows House” came out on April 11, 2021, with a total of thirteen episodes. Kazuki Ohashi is in charge of the animation, and Toshiya Ono wrote the script.

On July 4, 2021, the last episode from the initial season came out. Soon after the end of the first season, people were very excited to hear that there would be a second season. But the people who made Shadows House didn’t even give whatever hints about Season 2.

After that year, the people who made Shadows House are back with new information about Season 2. Yes, you’re right, anime is back and better than ever. The second season of “Shadows House” will come out on August 8, 2022.

Yeah, the deadline is almost here, and I know hello are both becoming impatient. We should thank the people who made this for moving so quickly because if they hadn’t, we would’ve died of boredom.

We thought this same anime was over when we didn’t hear anything about season 2 of the show. But, yeah, they never let me down, so it was worth the wait.

So let’s stay cool while we wait for the second season to come out. If we’re that desperate, a dosage of season 1 might be enough to fill our souls. We can go back to the anime.

Shadows House Season 2 Cast

Shadows House is made by BS Asahi, Aniplex, WOWOW, Tokyo MX, and Shueisha. This show is animated by CloverWorks. Let’s talk about the cast and the people who did the voice-overs.

  • Dani Chambers played Emilico.
  • Emi Lo played Kate.
  • Adam McArthur played Patrick and Ricky.
  • Christopher Smith played Edward.
  • Jordan Dash Cruz played John and Shaun.
  • Marisa Duran played Lou and Louise.
  • Risa Mei played Rum and Shirley.
  • Alex Moore played Sophie.
  • Alexis Tipton played Belle Twins.

Shadows House Season 2 Trailer

The good news for Shadows House fans is that the promo for Season 2 has been released. On the given Link, you can now watch the trailer for the newest Anime, Shadows House Season 2.

Shadows House Season 2 Plot

A dark castle is where the story takes place. People who live in the dark house are all black. Some dolls that are alive serve them. These dolls look and feel like real people. Dolls come in two kinds. One of them does things like clean the house, serve food, etc. as a real servant would.

But some dolls have faces that look like those of their owners. Their task is to change how they look and act based on how their master looks and acts. Since the overlords are shadows, it’s hard to show how they feel and what they look like.

If the overlords are sad, these same dolls have to start making sad faces, while if the overlords are happy, the dolls must reciprocate. Also, there are different classes in the castle. On top is the grandfather, and under him are the shadows.

The dolls lie in the end. Shadows live in nice places and have luxurious lives, while dolls live in small, dirty places. Emilio is the most important person in Shadows House.

She is different from other dolls. She wants to know a lot about their globe and is always happy and kind. Kate, who is her master, is also not like other shadows. Even though Kate is cold, Emillico likes her.

The way they get along is something to see. The narrative continues back between happy parts and scary ones. You’ll have fun with the strange and scary. Check out our following topic, which is when Shadows House season 2 will come out.

“Shadows House” is a supernatural as well as mysterious anime show about what happens inside the Shadows House, in which the living dolls clean the soot that their masters make.

Each shadow has its own set of living dolls that look after it. They all live in a big house in the mountain ranges, far from people.

When the Shadow-child reaches a certain age, it is given a living doll. It is more than a doll, though, since it’s their better half and has the face that the Shadow-child could have possessed if it had an actual face.

Emilico is indeed a young, happy, and nice living doll who can’t wait to help her owner, Kate. Even though Kate, as well as Emilico, are opposites in many ways, Emilico always does what Kate wants.

Emilico meets up with the other living dolls as well as gets to know their owners as time goes on. She finds out a lot about the dolls that come to life and why they are there.

Emilico as well as Kate are closer than other living dolls as well as their owners are to each other. As their relationship grows, so does their desire to know more about the big house.

But as Kate and Emilico look around the mansion, they find out many dark and sinister secrets.

“Don’t worry about small things” is one of the rules which both Shadow child, as well as living dolls, should follow. But it gets hard for both of them to keep up as they tell a growing number of secret information about the place.

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