‘See’: Apple has failed to have its Game of Thrones, but wins an entertaining epic series

At some point in our near future, a virus blinds the entire human population. This causes the collapse of our civilization, and that hundreds of years later the descendants of a few survivors have learned to live without vision to such an extent that they no longer even know how to describe that sense, considered a myth.

This is the premise of ‘See’, the series whose first eight-episode season premiered at the same time as Apple TV + itself. It stars Jason Momoa (‘Aquaman’, ‘Justice League’), and it is the bet that the service launched to have a fictional epic similar to HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’.

When the mere fact of seeing represents a condemnation

In ‘See’, Jason Momoa plays the head of a tribe that faces the ambitions of another much more powerful that invades its territories. At the same time, that boss contemplates how two children regain their vision, something unthinkable and that is considered as sacrilege or as witchcraft by many. From here, anything that counts more can already be considered spoiler.

I was one of the people who watched all the pioneering Apple TV + series, and I had reverse reactions to what I thought. Other series with which I did not have too many expectations like ‘The Morning Show’ surprised me for good, while ‘See’ it didn’t impact me as much as I thought.

'For All Humanity', or how what-if is an excellent resource for a series

But let’s not get confused: I’m not saying that ‘See’ is bad. In fact, I think that the opinions that circulated about the series as something not essential made many underestimate her: We are facing a very interesting premise and that, despite certain deficiencies in the script, is quite well worked in terms of costumes. And watch out for the sword fights between the blind characters, because they are very elaborate.

Apple sought to break the mold with this series as did the characters of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. He did not succeed, but he stayed with a series that certainly can be seen and is entertaining. It is not an honorary degree, but borders on the remarkable and it can be a good excuse to do a weekend marathon.

The second season of ‘See’ will arrive sometime in 2021, although its filming has been delayed due to the pandemic and we still do not have specific details. It will be a new opportunity for the series to try to captivate the audience again.

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