ya cok seversen season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

ya cok seversen season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

Many people are watching more Turkish dramas these days than ever before. This is because these shows are very good. Here, after a long break, we finally get a look at the very smooth and renowned Turkish star Kerem Bursin at work.

It’s interesting to read about how Leyla and Ateş, two distinct individuals who went through a lot together, become close. She joins an organization of frauds in order to make money for the search for her parents, who she has lost both.

Things don’t turn out well the first time she meets Ateş. Ateş comes from a wealthy family and is rude and spoiled. Because Ateş likes playboyish things, Leyla doesn’t like him and sees him as an additional rich snob.

For some reason, fate draws them back together. Leyla’s bright nature slowly gets through to Ateş, showing him a whole fresh, more grown-up side. Two people who couldn’t be more different come together in a private and emotional place.

ya cok seversen season 2 : release date

Since Ya Cok Seversen’s first season just started, it have been no news about when season 2 will start. Not yet, though; the second season in the show is still going on. Any fresh details will be looked into following the initial run is over.

I have seen Turkish shows before, though, and each season usually has an adequate amount of episodes. This one might be the same. We could be waiting a long time. We think that the second season could not come off until 2025.

ya cok seversen season 2 : Cast

Kerem Bursin acts Ates Arcali or Hafsanur Sancaktutan in Season 1 for Ya Cok Seversen. Hatice Aslan Fusun Arcali, Leyla Kokdal, Serif Erol Ilter Evcili, Cemre Ebuzziya Bige, and Nazmi Kirik helped write this article. They are Yakup Civelek as well as Aziz Caner Inan Umut Arcali.

Onur is played by Ogulcan Arman Uslu, Baris is played by Durukan Celikkaya, Mert is played by Ozgun Akacca, Ilgaz Arcali is played by Lara Aslan, Kenan is played by Tayfun Efe Molla, and Aydos Arcali is played by Adin Kulce. People who will appear in Season 2 for Ya Cok Seversen are not known yet.

ya cok seversen season 2 : Trailer release

Too bad we lack a trailer over Season 2 in Ya Cok Seversen. You can see the Season 2 teaser, trailer, as well as official trailer for Ya Cok Seversen in YouTube, though.

ya cok seversen season 2 : Storyline

Ateş, played through Kerem Bürsin, is sent to live with his grandparents abroad when he is a child as his mom dies. This is the plot of the upcoming love story. For the reason that he brought up alone, Ateş is a sneaky millionaire that doesn’t trust people easily.

However, his fancy existence on Majorca, Spain, comes to an abrupt end when his father passes away. When Ateş gets home to Istanbul, Turkey, he reads the will. So, he finds out that his dad’s second wife has made him the guardian of his dad’s three half-siblings.

He is shocked after he meets Leyla, played by Hafsanur Sancaktutan. She is a fiery con artist that raised herself. Even though they don’t go together, something magnetic is pulling them together.

There have been many problems in Ateş as well as Leyla’s relationship throughout Ya Cok Seversen’s tough journey. These problems have caused them to misunderstand each other and get angry. Ateş had the guts to approach Leyla to wed him, despite the fact things were tough. He saw a bright future with her.

Ateş learned some bad things about Leyla on their wedding day and told her she was lying to their guests, which made things more interesting. Leyla got this terrible accusation on the day that she should have been the happiest. It broke her heart.

Being deeply in love to the woman, Ateş feels terrible about calling off the wedding. He begged Leyla forgiving him and told her he would love her forever. At first, Leyla wasn’t sure, but she changed her opinion and chose to give them another chance. After that, they asked Ateş’s family to permission to marry.

Ateş had a hard time hiding how he really thought about Leyla during this time. Because the cared about his siblings, he had to make a plan for keeping them safe too. Füsun was giving Leyla a nice surprise, and Ateş and Leyla were planning an enjoyable endeavor for the kids.

To find out more concerning Ates Arcali as well as Leyla Kokdal, watch Season 1 for Ya Cok Seversen. As of now, Ates has never lived with his mother because his mother died. It had been a long time since he saw his family.

Because he lives abroad, Ates looks out for himself along with doesn’t trust anyone. One day, he learns that his dad has died. He has plenty of money when he goes home to Turkey. As the head of the organization’s board of executives, Ates is also responsible for his siblings and must act as their guardian.

In Turkey, he sees Leyla, who says she is a maid but is really someone else. She hasn’t talked to her family in a while and is pretty much alone in the world. She doesn’t know who they are. Leyla scams other people for money. With this money, she wants to find out more about her family. When Ates and Leyla meet, their sweet love story begins.

We don’t know what will happen in the second season of the show yet because it hasn’t been confirmed. The next season in the show will continue with the same story and saga that Ates and Leyla have been living. Before we can learn anything new about the second season, we have to wait for the first season to end.

Where to Watch Ya Cok Seversen Season 2

You can watch the television program Ya Cok Seversen through the MB channel within Turkey or on YouTube via English subtitles or other subtitles for people around the world. It’s illegal to copy things, and you can find them on additional websites too.

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