Secret Garden Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And More Updates

Hello, fans of Korean dramas! I’m back once more with a new series for your consideration. Without question, Korean dramas are becoming more and more popular. Korean drama is becoming more and more popular internationally. Don’t worry if you’re attempting to figure out why this is happening; I’ll explain it to you. Korean dramas constantly strive to surprise their viewers with engaging performances and original stories. They have series in every genre, which is another factor. But I believe one of the most popular subgenres for audiences is romantic comedy-drama. I am aware that you have a ton of South Korean romantic dramas to watch, but I think you ought to add just one more.

So, in this essay, we’ll talk about Secret Garden, one of the most cherished Korean dramas of 2010. I am aware that the first season’s conclusion was a long time ago. However, if you have already watched the drama and are interested in learning more about the cancellation of Secret Garden Season 2, you have come to the correct spot. Check out the cast, storyline, and other details for Secret Garden Season 2.

Secret Garden Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of “Secret Garden” debuted on SBS in South Korea from November 13, 2010, to January 16, 2011. Twenty episodes make up the first season’s complete run. Following its airing, this K-drama earned overwhelmingly positive reviews and had an estimated 20 billion won in economic impact. Additionally, it won other honors, such as the 2010 SBS Drama Awards, the 47th Paeksang Arts Awards, and the Grand Prize (Daesang).

Now that a sequel was being considered, the writers were weighing three possibilities: a second season, a musical, or theater. However, you should be aware that there isn’t much left to say in the plot as it relates to a further chapter in the form of a kdrama. Therefore, if the creators choose one, it will need to be developed as a spin-off, possibly. Additionally, there’s a slim possibility that the original cast members will play their roles again. If a second season is produced, it will very certainly include additional cast members.

Furthermore, although there have been conversations concerning musical and theatrical versions, we have not yet received any concrete information about them. However, there is a very significant likelihood that season 2 of “Secret Garden” will debut by 2023.

Secret Garden Storyline

Gil Ra-im (Ha Ji-won), a stuntwoman, and Kim Joo-won (Hyun Bin), the CEO of a high-end department store, have a logical Cinderella narrative. Joo-won meets Ra-im while attempting to handle a problem involving his cousin Oska (Yoon Sang-hyun), a well-known singer, and is astounded by her composure. Joo-won resolves to follow Ra-im because he can’t figure out why she keeps coming to mind all the time. Ra-im is initially repulsed by him, but she eventually begins to feel the same way.

Ra-im and Joo-won gradually come to understand one other’s worlds when they collide. The mother of Joo-won opposes them falling in love. They marry against his mother’s opposition. Oska meets up with Yoon Seul (Kim Sa-rang), his first love and now a successful director, in the meantime. Yoon Seul, on the other hand, has Joo-won in her sights and doesn’t want anything to do with Oska. When Ra-im and Joo-won begin miraculously switching bodies, the plot becomes even more convoluted.

Secret Garden Cast

  • Ha Ji-won as Gil Ra-im; Tough but secretly lonely, Gil Ra-im works as a stunt woman for an action school that is run by director Im Jong-soo.
  • Hyun Bin as Kim Joo-won; The CEO of a high-end departmental store, is good-looking but arrogant.
  • Yoon Sang-hyun as Choi Woo-young (Oska); A famous Hallyu star who is slowly losing his popularity. He is Joo-won’s cousin, as well as the first love of Yoon Seul.
  • Kim Sa-rang as Yoon Seul; Oska’s first love. She is a music video director.
  • Lee Phillip as Im Jong-soo; The director of an action school.
  • Lee Jong-suk as Han Tae-sun; A young genius musician discovered by Oska in Jeju Island.
  • Yoo In-na as Im Ah-young; Ra-im’s best friend who shares a loft with her. She works at the department store Joo-won owns.
  • Kim Sung-oh as Secretary Kim; Joo-won’s long-suffering assistant who has a crush on Im Ah-young.
  • Park Joon-geum as Moon Boon-hong; Joo-won’s mother.
  • Kim Ji-sook as Moon Yeon-hong; Oska’s mother.
  • Choi Yoon-so as Kim Hee-won; Joo-won’s sister who has a crush on Jong-soo.
  • Kim Sang-kyum as Moon Chang-soo; Joo-won’s grandfather. Chairman of Loel Department Store.
  • Lee Byung-joon as Park Bong-ho; Joo-won’s subordinate as well as great grand uncle.
  • Sung Byung-sook as Park Bong-hee; Moon Chang-soo’s fourth wife, Park Bong-ho’s sister.
  • Yoon Ki-won as Choi Dong-kyu; Oska’s long-suffering manager.
  • Kim Gun as Yoo Jong-hun; Oska’s assistant.
  • Yoo Seo-jin as Park Ji-hyun; Joo-won’s psychiatrist and long-term friend.
  • Jang Seo-won as Hwang Jung-hwan; Ra-im’s senior at the action school.
  • Choi Dae-sung as Department Head Choi; Park Bong-ho’s assistant.
  • Moon Woong-ki as Sang-min; Member of action school.

Secret Garden Season 2 Trailer

View the first season of “Secret Garden”‘s official trailer below.

Where to watch Secret Garden?

After reading this essay, I’m sure you must be eager to watch the show. Thus, allow me to share the locations where you may watch Secret Garden season 1. It is available on Netflix. And if you don’t have a Netflix account, you are able to watch it for free on YouTube.

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