Manifest Season 4 Cast, Release Date, Plot- Everything We Know So Far

Manifest Season 4 Cast, Release Date, Plot- Everything We Know So Far

It’s final. Manifest Season 4 has been announced and fans can’t keep their calm. According to sources, the familiar cast is coming back for the next season including Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh.

The renewal was almost canceled both by Netflix and the NBC networks. However, the additional records the show shattered got the team to think otherwise. In this article, we will mention some details about Manifest season 4 and everything fans can expect.

Manifest Season 4 Release Date

Manifest is an American television show that deals with supernatural drama. All the seasons of the show were initially aired on NBC, but a deal with Netflix changed everything.

Around 25 million Netflix users from both Canada and USA have streamed the show in the first month, breaking the past streaming records of all the seasons. Hence, we can see why the show had to be renewed for the fourth season.

Manifest revolves around a brother-sister duo who is in search of clues. Clues to the incident of a plane crash in New York and to what exactly happened to them following the tragic accident.

What to expect from Manifest season 4?- Plot

In all honesty, Manifest season 4 has to fit in a conclusion of three seasons. According to the creator, Jeff Rake, the 20 episodes of the renewed season can give him enough space to fit a justified conclusion.

The ending is expected to tell us the backstory of the plane’s disappearance and everything that occurred during the flight. Hopefully, the fans will be fed with ample information from the renewed season.

Manifest Season 4 Trailer 

With the pandemic still buzzing around, it is hard to tell an exact date and time of the release of Season 4.

However, the team will not premiere the show before the spring of 2022. If we keep the timelines of the previous seasons in mind, there is a fair chance that the show will be here by November.

According to sources, season 4 requires post-production, new scripts and locations. Also, the season won’t premiere 20 episodes at once. Each episode will have a decent gap until the release. So, we can only hope for a sooner confirmation.

Manifest Season 4 Cast

According to media outlets, the characters of the show will have profound changes, including the main characters. However, the familiar cast is to show up again except those characters who were dead by the end of the previous season.

The only recurring character is Daryl Edwards, who acts as Vance. Additionally, we will find Kyle Boyd as one of the passengers of flight 828. There will also be the inclusion of characters called June and Tela.

The success of Manifest has a lot to do with the Netflix deal. More than a hundred million hours of screen time were recorded after Manifest started to stream on Netflix. The show was included in the top 10 shows for more than 100 days on Netflix.

Having said that, we are expecting the fourth season to be the finale we all want.  Of course, Jeff Rake could surprise us with something mind-blowing but, we can hope for an ending that will thrill us all.

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