Cocaine Coast Season 2: Release Date And All You Need To Know

The Spanish series “Cocaine Coast” is sure to be a smash hit among fans of gangster and drug lord dramas. It chronicles the rise and fall of a Galician drug lord in the style of programs like “Narcos.” In the course of a season, we see ten years of his life and work unfold via the lens of a single episode. The show’s Spanish title, “Faria,” refers to the flour that is commonly used to cook cocaine. The show is based on a book by Nacho Carretero with the same title. Jorge Torregrossa and Carlos Sedes are the film’s directors. Netflix handles distribution on a global scale.

Cocaine Coast Season 2 Release Date

On February 28, 2018, the debut of the first season aired on Antena 3. After the show debuted on Netflix to an international audience, its name was changed to Cocaine Coast. There were 10 episodes totaling around 700 minutes of content.

After three long years, the fans still haven’t heard anything about it from the creators. Although it may appear that the series has been canceled if no official announcement has been made, there is still hope that the next season will be released in the future if nothing has been reported about the cancellation of the idea for it. But at this time, the likelihood of that happening is low.

Until an official announcement is issued, it is inappropriate to speculate. Like you, we hope that Cocaine Coast will return for a second season, which we predict will premiere in 2023. If we learn anything new, we’ll add it here as quickly as possible.

Cocaine Coast Storyline

A young man named Sito Mianco is the protagonist of “Cocaine Coast.” Sito was raised in a typical household, much like so many other infamous drug barons. He came from humble beginnings and knew neither the taste of luxury nor the value of an education. As a young guy, he took up fishing and learned to pilot a speedboat with ease. Although he was working in a very niche field, he had no intention of remaining there. He had high aspirations and was just waiting for the right break to take him away from his miserable existence.

As luck would have it, he discovered the tobacco smuggling gang and finally had his opportunity. Sito would not have spoken up if the man had been just another would-be smuggler. This was no ordinary gang, though. Vincente Otero Pérez, the head of the Galician clans, oversaw this organization. Sito knew how to catch the attention of a man like that. The young man could never go backward now that he had it.

Cocaine Coast Cast

Being a biographical series, it followed a select group of real-life people rather than having them play fictional parts. Javier Rey, as Sito Mianco, was the main character. In addition, Tristán Ulloa played Sargento Daro Castro, Manuel Lourenzo played Vicento Otero Pérez “Terito,” Isabel Naveira played Pilar Charln, and Carlos Blanco played Laureano Oubia in the first season of Cocaine Coast. Xlio Abonjo, Antonio Durán “Morris”, and Carlos Sante also contributed to the cast as Moncho Charln, Manuel Charln, and Modesto Loval, respectively.

But that’s not all there is to see here. In addition to Xosé Antonio Tourián, Tamar Novas, and Eva Fernández, there are many other excellent actors. They pretended to be significant figures like Paquito Charln, Roque, and Esther Lago. Monti Castieiras as Colombo and Fran Lareu as Olegario Falcón Pieiro “Oli” rounded out the stellar cast. Although these people were crucial to the success of “Cocaine Coast,” there were many more who played important roles as well.

Cocaine Coast Season 2 Plot

The protagonist, Sito Mianco, starts out as a successful fisherman but ends up as a drug dealer. At first, he becomes part of a narcotics trafficking ring; then, he and his two pals set up shop. Sito Mianco worked under Terito, who disapproved of drug smuggling, before striking off on his own. Sito Mianco was called by drug traffickers and told to deliver a load of cocaine.

His professional life is fraught with peril, ups and downs, and a fair amount of uncertainty.
There is no clue whatsoever that can be used to predict the plot of season 2 of Cocaine Coast. Additionally, the first part detailed nearly all of the activities of drug boss Sito Mianco. If a second season is approved, it will be interesting to consider the possibilities. Any information the creators release will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.

Cocaine Coast Season 2 Trailer

Here’s the season 1 trailer for ‘Cocaine Coast’ to tide you over till we hear something good about season 2.

Where to watch Cocaine Coast Season 2?

This popular show is available on the widely used streaming service Netflix. We’re aware that a season 2 premiere announcement might come at any time. If we do decide to make a new season, it will likely debut on Netflix before any other service.

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