Scribble in Spanish comes to our iPad thanks to iPadOS 14.5

In the last WWDC we saw how the Apple Pencil gained a new utility in our iPad: the possibility of writing in any text field of the system. A resource that transformed our handwritten text and turned it into mechanuscriptready for a search, quick annotation, or just to be able to write without letting go of the Pencil. Now, with iPadOS 14.5 this function reaches the Spanish language.

Scribble is now available in Spanish

Until now the only way to use Scribble on the iPad was to add the English language as an option within the keyboard settings. A resource that, however, ignored accents, which do not exist in English, as well as “ñ”, so characteristic of our language. Therefore, although we could make moderate use of the function, it could not be used exhaustively.


Now with iPadOS 14.5 the Spanish language comes to Scribble officially, so we can use our pencil to write any text we want. While we do it we will see at the bottom a language selector with an “ES” in which we can touch to select the language in which we are going to write. By default, this language respects the one we have chosen at that time for the keyboard.

It is undoubtedly appreciated that Apple has brought support for the Spanish language to a function that can greatly facilitate interaction with our iPad. Remember that to activate this function on our iPad we must access the app Settings, enter the section Apple Pencil and activate Handwrite. Right below, we can touch Try handwriting to carry out a mini-tutorial (the one that appears above these lines) on the various options that this tool offers us.

This is the new Hello screensaver from Big Sur, so we can activate it

With iOS 14.5 Apple has just polished details and added features that were pending, or simply not announced, during WWDC. While they continue with the development of the next big version iOS and iPadOS 15, which we will see presented at WWDC21 during the month of June. If we want to take note of this next event we can already do it with our Apple Pencil.

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