Scott Gimple says Michonne's story in The Walking Dead is not over

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We knew long ago that the days of Danai Gurira were numbered in The walking dead And now that we have seen the character leave we wonder if he will have a future in the franchise after this farewell.

Details on the last episode of the series later.

The Walking Dead:

The actress talked about the departure of her character and how emotional the farewell has been and the entire journey to her. Not surprisingly, Gurira is one of the oldest characters in the series and also one of the most beloved.

"It's been a crazy mental journey in many ways"he would say about the episode and proceed to talk about his character."I don't know if I'd say she's evil, but she makes a different decision at a key moment. And there's a pretty crazy aspect of how this decision can take you down a totally different path. ".

Scott Gimple also addressed what he and the writers wanted to tell about this character in this episode. "Ultimately we wanted to give a general idea of ​​the situation we had reached. The entire journey. She going into the story helping someone. She decides to stop and help that stranger. Over the course of seven seasons she changes. He becomes vulnerable. He opens up. Now, in this episode, he takes the lead, which is devastating. It changes everything. He has to go. And even if he meets people who need help. And there we really see who he is now. Even that now he is on the most important trip of his life. "

The actress said that it was chilling to repeat a scene as iconic as that of Negan's execution but being on the other side of the situation. The idea of ​​both characters alasaplanding in that way was very shocking for the team and especially for Gurira.

Now everything seems to point to the fact that we will see Michonne teaming up with Rick once again in the movies that will star the character of Andrew Lincoln, since Gimple did not confirm it but made it clear that this will be the case.

"His story is not over. And something that we are glad to have found, thematically, is having been able to give an end to the character. Michonne is that person who would help those people in the end, even if she has no idea who they are"

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