Savage Rhythm Season 2 Expected Release Date: Will There Be Another Season?

In its native Colombia, ‘Savage Rhythm’ was known as ‘Ritmo Salvaje,’ a dance drama series. The drama in Spanish centers on Antonia and Karina, two women from very different backgrounds. Antonia comes from a rich background, but she has to fight for her mother’s approval of her choice of career—dance. Karina, on the other hand, is part of a popular dance squad despite having a humble upbringing. Fate has brought the two ladies together, and now they must work together to achieve their goals, no matter how perilous the terrain may be.

The event has gotten some notice because of its popular reggaeton music, dance routines, and costumes. Fans have been wondering whether there would be a second season since the show’s debut in March of 2022. Okay, this is all the information we can give you.

Savage Rhythm Season 2 Renewal Status

Not quite yet, I’m afraid! Netflix has not yet made any decisions on Season 2 of Savage Rhythm. Well, it usually takes Netflix a few months to decide whether or not to cancel a show. The massive streaming service uses this period to assess the show’s popularity. In addition, Cindy Holland, a former vice president at Netflix, said in a news release that the company’s renewal policy takes into account how many people really watch the service. Savage Rhythm is likely to follow suit.

Netflix has not yet disclosed how many people watched the first season of Savage Rhythm. As of yesterday (March 2, 2022), the first season was available on the streaming service. Therefore, predicting what will occur next is premature. Furthermore, the series was met with a variety of reactions. Some people don’t find the program exciting at all, but that doesn’t stop others from enjoying it. In addition, IMDb gave it a respectable 5.2 out of 10 stars. However, the show left off with a cliffhanger. In light of this, Season 2 of Savage Rhythm is a very real possibility.

Savage Rhythm Storyline

Savage Rhythm follows the lives of two dancers whose paths always bring them into conflict with one another. These disagreements may arise either on or away from the dance floor. As the plot unfolds, we see where their ambition takes them on an unexpected journey. Savage Rhythm has an interesting plot that keeps people interested. There is a lot of room for future seasons since the show is dealing with abstract feelings rather than a concrete incident. There are still many uncharted areas to investigate.

Savage Rhythm Season Cast and characters

  • Paulina Dávila as Antonia
  • Greeicy Rendón as Karina
  • David Palacio as Checho
  • Martina La Peligrosa as Bombita
  • Sashua López as La Chama
  • Angela Cano as Ximena
  • Juan Manuel Guilero as Mateo
  • Kevin Bury as Alex
  • Sergio Herrera as Vicente
  • Cristina Warner as Miranda
  • Alejandro Buitrago as Curro,
  • Elisa Torriente as Majo
  • Andrés Juan Hernandez as Jacobo
  • Patricia Tamayo as Rebeca

Savage Rhythm Season 2 Plot

In the first season, Karina and Antonia are drawn to one another because they find something appealing in one another’s life. However, the situation deteriorated due to misunderstandings, and the seed of rivalry was planted. At the season’s end, when Antonia took Miranda up on her offer and abandoned Karina, it matured. After feeling misled, Karina and her team made the decision to undermine Royal’s squad throughout the game.

A while later, Guaynaa’s music video crew showed there, including Karina, Bombita, Chama, and Ximena. Even though they were able to shoot, an explosion went off at the last second, leaving Antonia unconscious in a pool of blood. So, if there is a second season of Savage Rhythm, we will learn what happened to Antonia. I hope she’s okay. Besides this, the truth about the perpetrators of this blast will be exposed. Her whole existence is now online. That means season 2 of Savage Rhythm will bring even more heartbreak.

Savage Rhythm Season 2 Release Date

On March 2, 2022, the first season of “Savage Rhythm” appeared on Netflix. The first season’s eight episodes range in length from 27 to 49 minutes. What we do know about Season 2 is as follows: Netflix has not yet issued a remark about the show’s future. Perhaps the streamer is weighing the success of the dance drama against the cost of ordering another round. The renewal status of a Netflix program is typically announced after two months have passed.

In addition, the loose end on which season 1 concludes clearly implies that a second season will be necessary to cleanly tie up the story strands. Considering these reasons, it seems doubtful that we will see the prospective second season of the program in 2022, even if the project is recommissioned. That means we can pencil in the first quarter of 2023 for the premiere of ‘Savage Rhythm Season 2.

Where can I watch Savage Rhythm?

Netflix subscribers may watch Savage Rhythm right now. There is a preview for the show up on YouTube if you’re interested.

Savage Rhythm Season 1 Review

Over the past few years, Netflix has released a number of shows and movies that center around dancing. While others are intensely emotional, some are simply feel-good. The mood of Savage Rhythm is darker, with plenty of disturbing characters and plot twists. Antonia and Karina, two outstanding dancers, will be performing in the performance. The women reach an agreement with one another. However, things rapidly deteriorate, and they begin to compete with one another.

Given the caliber of the performers on stage, one might anticipate an exciting tale. But everything that occurs is incredibly dull. The narrative isn’t helped by the fact that the creators made a big deal out of the disparities between Karina and Antonia. The protagonists are portrayed in a dull and uninteresting manner. As a result, you care nothing about the show’s characters.

A subplot involving money and potential death is introduced to the play to make it more “thrilling.” Unfortunately, the play instructor disregards this later on, just like she disregards Antonia. There is heavy usage of the term “treacherous” throughout the summary to describe the action. The program depicts two grown ladies who are unaware of their abilities and spend their time debating whether a strict guy or each other is superior.

The Netflix series isn’t enjoyable as a whole. Savage Rhythm doesn’t have anything going for it outside the dancing numbers. Those looking for erotica won’t be interested, even with the naked scenes.

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