Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra could fix the S20 Ultra’s biggest problem

In this digital technology era, every day, you will find the new aspects of the technology, and you will have to learn that technology to keep going with this fastest world. All the technologies that include space technology, computer technology, and mobile technology improve their way of working. Every new technology will improve working efficiency, ease of working and boost the users’ working capacity. 

Here is the good news for all the Samsung cell lovers that is the company will soon launch the new series of Samsung Galaxy S30 ultra. The date of launching the phone will be published by the company very soon. The rumor says that the Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra will be launched in 2021. However, there some months remaining to launch the phone. But before launching the phone, the rumors of the cell are already started. The rumors are about the problem that is available in Samsung Galaxy S20 cell will be overcome in the new series of the Samsung phone.

Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra phone:

However, the Samsung Galaxy S20 gets a mixed review from this year. Some users of this cell are getting problems in the digital camera system. The phone has an inconsistent camera system that is not reliable for the user. The price of the phone is also one of the issues. Some are giving good reviews about this phone. The S20 ultra’s 108MP camera found the problem in autofocus and overexposure issues. But almost all the Samsung lovers are waiting for the new technology that has been launched by the company next year. 

About the newcomer Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra Phone:

According to rumors, the new Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra phone has a 108MP camera that is the same as the S20 phone, but the sensor will be the next generation of the ISOCELL Bright HM1. This means that the sensor in the S30 phone camera will be the bright HM2. It is not clear and perfect information about the phone. Still, it can be possible that a new phone will improve the resolution of the camera, autofocus, and overexposure issues along with all other issues in the S20 phone. 

From the other rumors, we got the information that the phone will have the 150MP of the camera. So many rumors are spreading about the S30 phone. But we are just accepting some more accurate information about the phone so that we can decide the clear features of the phone.

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