Skate City is updated in Apple Arcade and includes an endless mode

The Apple Arcade catalog grows in number of titles, yes, but also those that are already in the catalog also evolve. One of the last games to update is Skate City, quite popular within the platform, which now includes an endless mode.

From the developers of Alto Odyssey

From the developers of Alto Odyssey and Alto Adventure came several months ago to Apple Arcade Skate City. A game in which we ride a skateboard and we perform tricks and stunts to earn points and meet challenges. With a very urban theme, this game has always been among the highlights in Apple Arcade and now receives an expansion very much in the line of the studio responsible for its development.

For those of us who know Snowman, the studio that created Alto’s adventures as well as the game in question, we recognize that the possibility of endless play, even as just one more game mode, is always welcome. In true Alto Odyssey style, with today’s update we can glide through downtown Los Angeles on our skateboard.

In a randomly generated environment so that no two games are the same we will find 60 goals to meet while we enjoy excellently designed graphics in a game that is already distinguished by its quality and we try to stay on the leaderboards of the day. Undoubtedly an addition that can lead us to renew our interest in the game or to play it for the first time.

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It is clear that Apple wants Apple Arcade to stand out as a catalog of games. The almost constant update of the different titles with new game modes, new levels and other novelties fits with the addition of classic titles of the platform that we saw a few weeks ago.

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