Apple Podcasts Subscriptions: Apple fully enters the world of paid podcasts with its new subscription service

After being the first great actor in the world of podcasting (and the only one for many years), Apple finally a step that many expected, launch a paid podcast platform using a subscription service.

Is about a move of enormous importance given the relevance of iTunes and now Podcasts in market share, where it is still well above Spotify globally.

A service more similar to the App Store than to Apple TV +

For the moment, the Cupertino company has announced that the new service will arrive in May. Unlike other subscription services like Apple TV +, Apple Podcasts Subscriptions is focused on promoting podcasts from creators, not on a subscription where we pay Apple. That is to say, it would be something more similar to an App Store of Podcasts than to own productions. Just as developers are charged a commission, podcast creators will have to pay $ 19.99 per year (pending prices in euros).

It will be the creators who set the price of their subscriptions, paying a commission to Apple of what they earn, as in the App Store. The podcasts we subscribe to can be shared with families. All this will come to the Podcasts application with a redesign and improvements such as channels, with personalized recommendations.

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