Saint BLentin with Love: Like the dog and the cat

February 14th is celebrated on Valentine’s Day in several countries of the world, a special day in which love is highlighted inspired by the death of Valentine a priest sentenced in the s. III in Rome for secretly celebrating marriages of young lovers.

Beyond remembering this day, I want to support the initiative that goes around in networks to promote the San BLentín, a nice day to perpetuate the recommendation of the Boys Love.

And what better way to start a new tradition than with the novelty of Ediciones Fujur, who last Wednesday launched Like the dog and the cat.

Mujaki na Wanko to Nekokaburi baptized in our country Like the dog and the cat is the first published work of Niyama, a mangaka who until she considered having enough quality to properly draw a work always rejected proposals. Her debut in the professional world came in 2013 as an illustrator for the magazine Shosetsu b-Boy (Free); specializing in novels by chapters, drawing for authors like Michiru Miyazono The Shin Mitsuya. And it was not, until 2015, that with this work she was released as a mangaka author in the magazine Moment (Takeshobo).

Like the dog and the cat it’s a manga BL of single tome with touches of humor, drama, manners and always, with a great emotional charge. Edition is a format B6, 130 x 180 mm, rustic (soft cover) with dust jacket, of 168 pp. a B/N for 8,50 euros.


At almost 40 years old, Yagi Naohito is afraid of being rejected by others. He spends his life acting, hiding behind a mask and posing as “the ideal man.” Unfortunately, his love affairs always end up being a failure despite the fact that he gives it his all. And so on until that group meeting to which a friend invited him, where he meets a young boy, Tôru Akasaka, who is the complete opposite of him: he is able to say everything that comes to mind without any filter. He mocks his way of acting and calls him a “coward.” Days later, a chance meeting will change their lives forever. And, although Yagi finds Akasaka a bit tiring and tiresome, he is the employee of one of his clients. So when Akasaka’s apartment catches fire and Akasaka begs him to let him stay at his house temporarily, he has no choice but to accept. But the days go by and Akasaka has no intention of leaving there … A real bummer! Or maybe it could be the beginning of something else?

Yagi Naohito is a man of almost 40 years who lives hiding his real personality behind a mask due to the accumulation of emotional frustrations accumulated in previous relationships. Naohito believes that by pretending to be the ideal man and marking the distance with other people, it is easier for him to carry out his day to day.

The story begins when your best friend Seiji invites / drags you to attend a Gôkon, meeting of single men and women between 20-30 years old, event in which he meets Tohru Akasaka, with whom he shares a table, dialogue in the meeting and tells him to gather together. With the walk on the way home they end up having a talk in which Akasaka ends up calling Naohito cowardly for wearing that mask to avoid displeasing people. They finally say their goodbyes, leaving Akasaka to Naohito with a bittersweet taste of the encounter.

Between the coincidences of life and some misfortune that another, it will make our protagonists meet again Y Naohito welcome Akasaka in his flat for a while, while Tohru find a new apartment. From a new coexistence and touch, affection and affection are born, whatever arises; Well that’s what happens in Like the dog and the cat, that between fights, coexistence and emotions we find a sexual tension that if you want to know how it is resolved, I leave it to you to discover it with your own reading.

Script and Drawing

It is a single volume very balanced in argument that from the beginning knows how to hook the reader. Niyama quickly introduces the characters that make up the work and with a very simple plot, puts you quickly in a situation and that, In a very fluid way, you empathize with the characters and want to read their hooks and pulls. Composition and reading of the pages very fluent and understandable, even in the most risque scenes, since it is not the first time that I find a page that I have to look at myself a couple of times and even turn the manga because I do not see / understand what happens on the page / scene in question. That, with Like the dog and the cat does not occur.

Regarding the content of spicy scenes, it manages to give in the right measure, not much, not little and without censorship, worthy reading for the most fujoshis From the living room. Personally, the graphic scenes that I have enjoyed the most have been the most romantic, simple and traditional. Like, for example, a caress on the bangs or a morning smile.

In relation to the drawing, apart from enjoying a great balance of ink / plot, we find a fine, detailed drawing that at all times maintains the proportions of the characters. The expressions of the characters are very well expressed, the backgrounds well constructed and the plots well placed, I understand what the author was referring to, it is difficult to find “flaws” beyond assessing whether or not you like her drawing style.


Ediciones Fujur As a young publisher and with little filming, he has managed to achieve excellence in editing. Very happy with this new edition that, in addition to coming with gift postcard + bookmarks, the volume is finished as if the publisher has been publishing for decades.

If with the dust jacket of Don’t like this I fell in love because she was pretty, it had to be admitted that she suffered a lot from her delicacy; instead, with the edition of Like the dog and the cat you can keep the dust jacket while you read because the tome will endure whatever battle you want to give it. (Always speaking with logical reading battle standards).

Really, my tens for Ediciones Fujur that with very little filming in the market, it has managed to get an edition that goes around a thousand times to major publishers in our country.


Let the fujoshi that you carry inside and do not miss Like the dog and the cat of Niyama, a unique tome that is enjoyed from start to finish. In truth, it is a reading that knows how to make the most of the most traditional scenes that a coexistence offers, with its laughter, its fights and its reconciliations.

Obviously, the hottest scenes make it not a work suitable for all audiences, and therefore, I recommend this work for those who have a certain sexual and emotional maturity. As on other occasions, as it is a single volume, it is very easy to zoom into the world if you have not yet read a BL and a must if you like the genre.

Remember that, if you want to get your copy of Like the dog and the cat, you can visit the editorial website which offers free shipping, as well as has a list of physical stores so that you can purchase your copy through your trusted bookstore.

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