Trial by Media Netflix runs the latest Hit Documentary series

Netflix runs the latest Hit Documentary series Trial by Media

Recently, Netflix released the documentary on its OTT platform, titled Trial by Media. It is not a pure documentaries series, but the filming was exactly adapted from real-life cases. There is not a bit change in real-life incidents except the cast. Here, we dig out the information of Trial by Media; we will go through on the basics of this series in this post

The courtroom drama series features the six pending case, they are as important cases as compare to others. So media handover the justice of that pending case and they are creating their own stories to get justice of those cases.

The executive producer of this series is George Clooney, along with Clooney Court TV Creator and Board of Trial by Media Steven Brill, CNN Legal Analyst Jeffery Toobin.  Jeffery has already written a book about the Simpson case, he inspires from Ryan Murphy’s book that was published in 2016, the book is about the Award-winning drama, that about the People versus OJ Simpson. Though Trial by Media, they all cover the cases.

The series gives the best side of American Media. Media took the six criminal cases and how they handle to give justice to the right people is worth watching as Netflix Series. All of these six cases are high profile itself.

One case is about the OJ Simpson, the next case is based on the Black Ex-football player of America. He has murdered his ex-wife in 1995. The news of this murder spread after a couple of years of the incident. OJ Simpson’s case was never seen in the Television before, and it is directly converted into the series.

What are the other cases of Trial by Media that are not announced yet? But Trial by Media is the best law documentary series in the 21st series that was fought by the media.

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