S.J. Clarkson to direct new Marvel movie for Sony

One of the projects with Marvel characters that they are developing in Sony Pictures has been done with the director S.J. Clarkson and all bets are on Madame Web, a movie in the Spider-Man universe that would have been running for a long time.

The film in question will have a female protagonist and for months it has been talking about Madame Web as one of the Marvel characters that will hit the big screen thanks to Sony.

At the moment there is no name for the cast and neither are the writers. Sources close to the project claim that they want to develop a level distribution and then hire the script managers to write a story about the distribution. This is how they tell it in Variety.

It can be very curious to see how they take this blind and trapped character to the cinema to life support in the shape of a spider web that he has never actively fought and therefore it would be difficult to imagine as the protagonist in an action series. Names like Charlize Theron or Amy Adams sound like candidates for the role, but apparently no one has met to discuss their involvement in the project.

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We would have expected a Spider-Woman movie before one from Madame Web, but the truth is that there are also rumors that speak of a feature film focused on Gwen Stacey, specifically in the animation version that appears in Spider-Man: A New Universe. Be that as it may, having a movie starring a woman has always been a priority for Sony when designing the future of its universe of Marvel characters on film and television.

In the end we could get some last-minute surprises and that the film directed by Clarkson is not Madame Web, after all there is talk that his project has no writers, and last year it was rumored that this spin-off was being written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless.


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