Neon Genesis Evangelion creator to direct new Kamen Rider movie

The creator of the anime critically acclaimed Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hideaki Anno, is running a new movie from Kamen Rider. Debuting in 1971, Kamen Rider (aka Masked Rider) is one of the most iconic characters in Japanese popular culture.

The first program follows a grasshopper themed cyborg on his mission to eliminate an evil origin named Shocker. There are over 30 Kamen Rider shows, over 40 movies, and tons of merchandise.

Toei is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the franchise with some notable announcements. The FUUTO PI manga is adapting to a anime, and the classic show Kamen Rider Black is being remade. As notable as these announcements is Hideaki Anno’s involvement in the franchise.

Shin Kamen Rider gets a new live action movie

As revealed during the Kamen Rider 50th anniversary event (via Mantan Web and translated by Anime News Network), Hideaki Anno is directing the live-action film and writing the script.

When is the new Kamen Rider movie released?

According to Hideaki Anno, the project actually had its beginnings six years ago, but the COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately it delayed its production. Shin Kamen Rider will launch in March 2023. Following, The Truth News He shares a quote from the creator of Evangelion about the project, along with the announcement video.

“Five decades ago, almost every elementary school child was captivated by the life-size hero Kamen Rider. I was no exception. I launched this project with the desire to give back a little for the great gifts I received from the five television shows. decades ago, in film form five decades later, “said Hideaki Anno.

The creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion has made quite a name for himself with his storytelling. His and Shinji Higuchi’s work on Shin Godzilla was critically acclaimed. It should be fascinating to see Anno’s producing hand in Ultraman when Shin Ultraman premieres, although the film was delayed from its summer debut.

Shin Kamen Rider certainly has a lot of potential to do something special for the long-running franchise. Kamen Rider hasn’t really made a dent in North America, so it will be interesting to see if the movie can help change that. What do you think of the new Evangelion movies?

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