Naruto: Shikamaru Nara Almost Faces Sexual Harassment Charge

Warning! The following in The Truth News contains spoilers for Naruto: Shikamaru’s Story “Mourning Clouds” de Takashi Yano y Masashi Kishimoto, available in English at Viz Media. Read the article with this warning in mind.

In the Naruto series created by Masashi Kishimoto, Shikamaru Nara was infamous for saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Often his words came out wrong, he called Naruto lazy and even accidentally insulted Sakura for how he treated the blonde.

When it wasn’t accidental, it was all a joke, of course, since knowing how laid-back Shikamaru was, no one really took him seriously. However, if we see it in the sequel to Boruto: Naruto Next GenerationsHe is older, wiser, and helps Naruto perform his duties as a Hokage.

Portada para Naruto: Shikamaru’s Story (Foto: VIZ Media)

Therefore, one would think that it has matured on this front. Unfortunately, in the soap opera Naruto: Shikamaru’s Story “Mourning Clouds”, his ability to speak and be too casual gets him in trouble once again when a colleague accuses him of sexual harassment.

What happened in the novel Shikamaru’s Story?

After a collapse in the meeting of the Kages, Shikamaru is certain that Kirigakure’s Mizukage, Chōjūrō, is being manipulated by Iwagakure’s Tsuchikage, Kurotsuchi, to invade the Flower resources.

As a result, Shikamaru has Rō and other spies in Iwagakure investigating the details in an attempt to protect the peace that Naruto created after the Kaguya War. Talk to Hinoko about the mission and she admits that there are a lot of shady moves, hinting that an invasion will happen.

While watching families play in a park, all because he’s fed up with the office, a tired Shikamaru makes a big mistake by telling you that you should start a family. “You should start your own Hinoko family,” Shikamaru said.

“You are old enough to be a mother. It’s not that it’s not a loss for Konoha if you stop working, “added the shadow ninja. It’s a sentimental moment where he tries to bond with her. The problem is that a man I shouldn’t comment on a woman’s life that wayespecially when it comes to motherhood.

Shikamaru doesn’t know his wishes or circumstances, so he’s definitely crossing a line. Hinoko directly tells him that this is “sexual harassment”, leaving him baffled at first, only to realize that he had indeed stereotyped a woman’s body and judged her purpose in life.

Hinoko knows that Shikamaru didn’t mean to hurt, so she lets him pass, knowing that he gets the picture. It doesn’t take a long exposure to make you uncomfortable. They discuss the rest of the mission and how to collect secrets and information for Naruto, but he brings the incident back to the end as he feels bad about it.

“Will you forgive me for the sexual harassment?” Shikamaru asks. She replies, “I’m already filing a lawsuit when I get back (sticking out her tongue and making fun of him).” Hinoko knows that Shikamaru is a good guy and luckily for him, they have a brother-like relationship where they can discuss these things and apologize without any harsh judgment.

The new generation of Naruto continues in the Boruto anime and manga. Here we can meet an adult phase in the classic characters and at the same time we are introduced to new characters that keep the Will of Fire alive.

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