Hell Fest 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know Far

Gregory Plotkin directed the American film Hell Fest. Seth M. Sherwood, Akela Cooper, and Blair Butler penned the screenplay for the film. The plot revolves around a group of teenage girls who get trapped in a terrifying amusement park. The tale is terrifying, yet the film is entertaining. The film’s producers are Gale Tucker Tooley and Anne Hurd.

The movie made 18.2 million dollars on a budget of 5.5 million. Jose David Montero directed the series’ cinematography. The Hell Fest was a lot of fun. Do viewers wish to see the sequel after seeing the first installment? When exactly will the film’s sequel be shown in theaters? Keep reading if you want to find out more about it.

Hell Fest 2 Renewal Status

The worldwide release of ‘Hellfest’ occurred on September 27, 2018. The first section of the film had a significant impression on the audience, and the cliffhanger ending left them eager for more. Numerous developments have already taken place around the series, and it’s possible that there will be yet another installment.

The show’s box office performance declined as its scope increased. It barely made $18 million at the box office when it was released. The movie only costs $5.5 million to create, which would be considered a success by Hollywood standards, but after seeing the finale, we can safely assume that the producers are already planning a sequel. Viewers of the series are always clamoring for more, saying the ending left them wanting more.

Hell Fest 2 Release Date

On September 27, 2018, ‘Hell Fest’ debuted in select foreign markets like Hungary and Singapore. The next day, it hit shelves in the United States. Despite earning over $18 million against a $5.5 million production budget, the picture was not a commercial success, despite generally positive reviews. However, the profit wasn’t sufficient to warrant a sequel in light of the increased marketing expenses. The horror film ‘Hell Fest’ was also recently shown in cinemas.

It’s hard to see ‘Hell Fest’s sequel being released in theaters when there are so many other small slasher pictures coming out on VOD. In spite of the fact there are several potential storylines for a sequel to “Hell Fest,” there has been no official word from the studio. It’s unlikely that the ‘Hell Fest’ franchise will be brought back to life since it has been in production limbo for a long time. However, the directors may opt to develop a sequel for the die-hard admirers. Then the release date for Hell Fest 2 would be sometime around 2024.

About Hell Fest

In Hell Fest, we follow The Other, a maniac who enjoys killing for sport. The first scene depicts a lady being brutally slaughtered by The Other at a theme park called Hell Fest. He then dumps her corpse in a labyrinth where it may easily be misconstrued for a scare attraction prop.

The scene then shifts to one Halloween night, when Natalie and Brooke, along with Brooke’s friend Taylor and roommate Gavin, decide to go to Hell Fest. Distance and Natalie’s evident distaste for Taylor both played a role in the gradual breakdown of her relationship with Brooke. They may have fun together while also getting back in touch with one another.

They arrive at Hell Fest and see a distressed lady looking for a safe haven from The Other. The kids all thought it was a game until Natalie said she thought the lady had really been murdered in front of them by the Other. When Brooke saw the murderer taking pictures of Gavin and Natalie, she knew her worst fears had come true.

The Other continues to murder Gavin and Asher, but Natalie is safe. When the group attempts to notify park security, the guards brush off their concerns as normal for a theme park. The kids have a hard time pinpointing the murderer since he, like the other park workers, is concealed by a mask.

Hell Fest continues by revealing The Other’s murder of Taylor and Quinn before the arrival of law enforcement. The villain, however, makes it back to his house in time to give his daughter a teddy bear. Other masks from several amusement parks suggest that Hell Fest was not his first performance.

Hell Fest 2 Cast

The cast of Hell Fest 2 has not been announced as of yet. Here is the complete list of actors and actresses from the 2018 Hell Fest film.

  • Amy Forsyth as Natalie
  • Bex Taylor Klaus as Taylor Ann Smythe
  • Reign Edwards as Brooke
  • Christian James as Quinn
  • Roby Attal as Gavin
  • Mercurio as Asher

Hell Fest 2 Plot

The murderer in “Hell Fest” is revealed to be a parent at the film’s climax. The killer of ‘Hell Fest’ is a monstrosity of the community, as opposed to the vengeance-driven killers of slasher films like ‘Halloween’ and ‘Friday the 13th’. The abundance of masks in the closet suggests he often goes on murderous rampages during carnivals, where he blends in unnoticed. There are a lot of doors that the sequel may open. Will the murderer be apprehended? I wonder how many times he’s gone on a murdering spree like that. I need to know why he keeps killing people.

Maybe in the next installment, we’ll get some answers to these questions. Gregory Plotkin, after all, has done a lot of work in the horror industry. Some of the movies he edited include “Get Out” and “Happy Death Day.” With “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension,” he made his directorial debut. With his knowledge, the next iteration of “Hell Fest” may take a fresh approach to the slasher genre.

Hell Fest 2 Trailer

No official movie trailer for the sequel has been released as of yet. It’s too soon to speculate on the trailer, but fans are eager to see more of the film. We’ll be sure to share the trailer for the sequel if there is one. Meanwhile, here’s the film’s official trailer in case you haven’t seen the first half yet. Check out the movie’s trailer and learn all you need to know about it.

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