Role Play: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

In January, the action-packed thriller Role Play will add a deadly edge to romantic comedies. The married couple, Dave Brackett (David Oyelowo) and Emma (Kaley Cuoco) seem to be your average family. Emma and Dave decide to celebrate their anniversary with a little harmless roleplaying since even the most ordinary couples need a little excitement every once in a while.

What Dave probably didn’t anticipate was that this night would expose Emma’s long-running second life as a contract assassin, and her friends and family are determined to expose her secret—even if it means losing their lives.

Role Play is an exciting romantic comedy, and this article will teach you everything you need to know about it, including its trailer, release date, cast, and plot.

Role Play Release Date

With Cuoco’s character dealing with the difficulties of leading dual lives, “Role Play” seems like a hilarious take on the assassin genre. Prime Video users will get the unique opportunity to see the movie on January 12, 2024, when it is set to debut.

Role Play Cast

  • Kaley Cuoco as Emma Brackett
  • David Oyelowo as Dave Brackett
  • Bill Nighy as Bob Kellerman
  • Connie Nielsen as Gwen Carver
  • Rudi Dharmalingam as Raj
  • Simon Delaney as Toby Berman

Role Play Creators

Thomas Vincent (Reacher, Bodyguard) helms the picture, with script credits going to Andrew Baldwin (The Outsider) and Seth W. Owen (All Nighter).

For Role Play, Thomas Vincent took the helm as director. Among the many television programs that Vincent has directed episodes for are Versailles, Possessions, and Bodyguard.

Role Play Plot

Role Play will be a departure for Kaley Cuoco’s acting career, building on the suspenseful elements she honed in Season 2 of The Flight Attendant. Emma and Dave, played by Cuoco and David Oyelowo, respectively, are a married couple whose lives are turned upside down when their hidden histories are revealed in the role play.

A mystery man named Bob (Bill Nighy) meets Emma and Dave; he plays a pivotal role in the plot of Role Play. Little is known about Connie Nielsen’s character Gwen at this moment.

Role Play Trailer

The first trailer for Role Play was published by Amazon on Wednesday, November 15th. It introduced viewers to the Brackett family’s once-quiet suburban existence. Long business travels are nothing new for Dave, but he had no clue that his wife was really on the run from a lethal contract killer.

Emma loves Dave deeply and cherishes their time together, even if she and her family are targets for her job. She suggests going on a small role-playing adventure as a unique way to commemorate their most recent anniversary (after they find a babysitter, of course).

The lovers run across Bob Kellerman (Bill Nighy), a fictitious business partner of Emma’s, during their pretend supper. When Emma confronts Bob in his hotel room about his unexpected visit, a fight ensues, and the two end up in a gunfight. The government officials then get in touch with Dave and inform him that his wife is not who she claims to be.

Contrary to popular belief, Emma’s real mother is none other than Anna Peller, a notorious assassin and master of disguise who is sought for her role in several killings. Although Dave is naturally taken aback by the revelation, he continues to support his wife as she attempts to overcome her violent past and confront her pursuers.

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