Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+

Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+

If We Consider the A to Z into scan the How is the Samsung Note 10 and 10+ then these two are the best piece of the Samsung till this date? Previous models of the Samsung Galaxy Note Line up likely match with the Samsung S Series but this time direction has been changed. Here we will see the features of the phone which make the Samsung Note a great phone among the latest releases.

Galaxy Note 10
Galaxy Note 10

Samsung is always making a grand entry with its new releases of the phone. This time giant and consistency leader is proved it once again. After leak news of the Samsung Note Hidden Feature of the S-PEN, it is the something in Note 10 Which makes the fans crazy.

Previously Samsung has applied the strategy to provide different sizes of the same model. They did this in the Samsung Galaxy S Series. And the Same case is happening with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+. This strategy is proven as a profitable strategy for Samsung.

Samsung Note 10 and 10+ Specs Breakdown

If you compare the design, material, proportions, and style of the Note 10 and 10+ then this the same in both phone.  There is a difference in the screen size. Note 10 Gives you 6.3-Inch Display,  while Note 10+ is shares 6.8-inch Display. Both phone’s display has the Dynamic AMOLED Display Panel. Resolution of the Note 10 is the 2280X1080 while Note 10+ gives you 3040X1440. And display with the curved display and 8-mm Thickness.

Both Phones have the Snapdragon 855 Processor in it, and globally it is the Exynos 9825. Note series RAM and Storage Space pair are like Note 10 have 8GB RAM and 256 Storage Space. And Note 10+ have 12GB RAM and 512 GB Storage Space.

A common feature in Note 10 and Note 10+ is apart from AMOLED Screen is S-PEN and Stylus feature. The camera feature is also same with the additional depth-sensing rear camera on 10+.

They are charging capacity for both phones. Samsung Note 10 With a 25W wired and 12W Wireless. While Note 10+ is having with 45W wired and 15W wireless.

Phone Prices of the Note 1o and 10+ having $150 difference. Samsung Note 10 is available in $950 while 10+ is at $1100.

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