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The world is obsessed (and rightly so) with the figure of Lady Dimitrescu before the arrival of Resident Evil Village. This giant vampire has become the most iconic image in the game on her own merits, but she will not be the only danger that will be present in the work. Exclusively, IGN can reveal the main villains of Resident Evil Village that we will have to face in the game.

After having shown you our impressions after playing the full version for five hours, we were able to verify that Dimitrescu Castle is just one of the large areas that populate the game map. This is the area where we will have to face Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters, but as we mentioned before: they will not be the only danger.

Resident Evil Village will have four great locations that will not only visually change and offer a very different artistic and architectural style, but also they will have their own enemies and a main villain who will act as boss in each location. Who are they?

In a scene we’ve already seen from the game, Lady Dumitrescu on the phone with Mother Miranda, making it clear that our favorite vampire works for her. We’re going to run through all the main villains from Resident Evil Village, which as art director Tomonori Takano tells us, “They are inspired by classic gothic horror. Lady Dimitrescu is inspired by vampires, but other villains are based on lycanthropes, merfolk, and ghosts.”.

We’ve already talked a lot about the vampire, although we invite you to take a look at this exclusive interview where the creative team told us about Lady Dimitrescu’s design and her inspirations. Let’s go with the rest of the villains of Resident Evil Village.

Karl Heisenberg

At the beginning of the game he will be in charge of torturing us. Karl Heisenberg is capable of anything, and when we enter your factory we will have a hard time. Compared to other areas of the game, this area seems more adapted to the present times, with modern facilities everywhere, as well as being one of the areas that is not covered by snow.

The Heisenberg factory

Karl Heisenberg has already been shown in many trailers. He is an engineer who lives with his family in the factory, and who carries a giant hammer in one hand and a cigar in the other.. Sunglasses, a hat and a leather jacket, its extravagant design may remind one of an inhabitant of an Eastern European town. Takano confirmed to us that, like Lady Dimitrescu, Heisenberg’s look is inspired by 1960s fashion.

Salvatore Moreau

Salvatore Moreau’s design is inspired by the gothic horror mermen. Compared to the rest of the villains in Resident Evil Village, Moreau is more like the typical enemy creature seen in the franchise. He hides his appearance under a long robe. “We designed Moreau with the concept of creating the most repulsive character on Earth”, comments Takano.

Salvatore Moreau lives in a reserve near an abandoned fishing village. Two windmills are part of this scene and one of them has a staircase, which suggests that we will probably have to visit it.

The game map also shows an illustration of a huge sea creature in reserve, which we can also see briefly in the latest trailer. Takano mentions that they saw a frozen lake when they traveled to Eastern Europe for inspiration, so they decided to include something like that in the game. The creature that lives in that area seems to survive under those conditions …

Donna Beneviento y Angie

Donna Beneviento controls a puppet named Angie. Covered with black clothing, she hides her face, which remains under the greatest mystery so far. Nor can we rule out that the puppet is alive, of course. The game’s director, Morimasa Sato, told us that when they introduced the game to Capcom’s colleagues in the United States, was shocked to discover that this duo was the scariest of all villains.

“In the United States, people’s reactions to the puppet were very intense “, comments Sato. “Of course this makes me happy, but as a Japanese I am surprised that they can find such a scary puppet.”

Takano tells us that for Angie’s design the team wanted something shocking, rather than something purely threatening. Although yes, he seems happy to see that the puppet is scary to many people. Donna and Angie live in Casa Beneviento, located on the outskirts of town. Visitors are not allowed. The director told us that this area is in part an evolution of the horror elements used in Resident Evil 7.

Casa Beneviento

Resident Evil Village will arrive on May 7. After taking a look at the main villains, you just have to wait. Take a look at this other exclusive interview in which we show you the map of the game in full and we got to know much more about characters like Mother Miranda, who seems to have a capital importance in the story … And there is still more exclusive content about the game that you can see on IGN before launch..


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